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The Russian International News Agency (RIA News) is a Moscow-based newswire providing real-time coverage of key events in Russia, the Baltics and surrounding areas. Considered a leader in its use of multimedia technologies among Russian news agencies, RIA News decided to update the AV technology in its newsroom and hired Brullov Consulting to help.


RIA News was looking to update and further modernize the technological processes in its newsroom. Brullov Consulting, a leading systems integrator in the area, was brought on board to help the organization achieve this in large part through integrated AV solutions. The firm was responsible for all facets of the project, from supplying hardware and providing project consulting services, to then performing the installation and programming the integrated system. It also received the contract to help with future service needs.


In the 1,100 m² (11,840 ft²) newsroom, Brullov Consulting installed a two-level integrated imaging system that included two plasma panels and more than 20 LCD TVs. The video wall was built upon four high-resolution projectors installed on Chief projector stacker mounts, a product that Brullov Consulting selected based on its high-quality design and user-friendly features.

The resulting system gave RIA News the ability to broadcast AV content to the first and second floor of the newsroom, management rooms and remote videoconference users. Other features included a multichannel audio and paging system and an integrated control system. The video routing system is based on 32x32 multi format matrix system.


When the project was finished, both RIA News and Brullov Consulting were pleased with the results of using Chief mounts.

"It was very wise to use Chief stacker mounts," said Alexander Sukhovsky, Deputy Director of Brullov Consulting. "Joining four projectors in a video wall is certainly not an easy task. The MicroZone adjustment feature in Chief projector mounts allowed us to achieve registration and alignment of the images quickly and precisely.

The FUSION Series Pull-Out mounts have the possibility to extend, which helps with cable access and servicing in hard-to-reach installations, such as the centermost screen of the video wall matrix.

"Another important benefit is that the projectors can be serviced quickly in the future," Sukhovsky continues. "When projectors are removed for servicing, the carefully selected roll, pitch and yaw settings will remain intake, so there is no need to worry about realigning the projection again and starting that work from scratch. This means we are providing the end user with an installation that is not only high-quality but also cost-effective!"