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Calvary Chapel screen becomes larger than life

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Calvary Chapel screen becomes larger than life
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In the past, the church rented three 12,000-lumen projectors to display images on the stage's 75-by-16-foot screen. However, the projectors' low resolution and resulting grainy image limited the desired impact. What's more, the companies Calvary Chapel rented AV equipment from provided little to no customer service, and technical issues with the products were not addressed in a timely manner. The solution? The Panasonic PT-DZ21K.


After dealing with multiple headaches and failures of renting projectors and screens for its worship services, Calvary Chapel needed a new technology solution that would provide better images in TV broadcast quality without the need for constant repairs.


After extensive research, Calvary purchased four PT-DZ21K 20,000-lumen projectors that use edge-blending technology to create a massive image on a 100-by-16-foot tall stage.


Leadership at Calvary Chapel was thrilled with the dazzling images that were able to tell the story of every service while overcoming ambient lighting in the sanctuary and running flawlessly without any downtime.

The 20,000-lumen lumen projectors use edge-blending technology to create a massive image on a 100-by-16-foot tall stage—the entire back wall of the chapel

During the summer of 2012, Richard Belgie, AV manager at Calvary Chapel, began to research a large, permanent projection installation that would deliver high-quality, bright images able to overcome ambient lighting in the sanctuary. Because the services at the chapel are recorded, it was important that Richard find a solution that would work well in a TV production environment and could create higher resolutions images on the stage.

After reviewing a number of products from different companies, Calvary Chapel purchased four PT-DZ21K projectors in December 2012. The 20,000-lumen lumen projectors use edge-blending technology to create a massive image on a 100-by-16-foot tall stage—the entire back wall of the chapel. It was critical that the projectors have high resolution and lumens, as projecting that size image can reveal pixels.

Richard was even more delighted to receive the projectors a mere three days after ordering them and equally impressed by the hands-on service provided by the Panasonic team. Since the projectors' initial installation, they have run flawlessly and produced dazzling images for the worshipers and staff.

An installation of this scale is quite uncommon and is made even more impressive with media servers that can stream live content onto the stage in real time.

"This is the same setup that's used for major pop culture events, such as the Super Bowl and the major award shows. Worshipers and staff, alike, have shared glowing feedback of the setup, which really helps tell the story of each service." “Reliability was a big concern of ours, along with service and support. ThePT-DZ21Ks have been perfect since they were installed and are, by far, the best projectors of all brands that we have tried,” noted Richard. “Moreover, Panasonic has been extremely proactive in ensuring the projectors work well and truly cares about our experience with them.” - Richard Belgie, AV manager at Calvary Chapel 

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