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40 Display Video Wall

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40 Display Video Wall
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Telenor Operations Centre at Fornebu, Oslo, wanted a large scale video wall made out of  55” narrow bezel LCD screens to replace three projectors. With more resolution and brightness, the client would be able to use the display area more effectively. 


TechVision is an audio visual installation company in Norway that delivers advanced, user-friendly audiovisual solutions. 

“Our high competence, combined with focus on quality, customer satisfaction and innovation, enables us to deliver audiovisual excellence,” said Rolf Erik Leistad, technical Manager of TechVision. “We looked to Chief’s ConnexSys Video Wall Mounting System because of the installation flexibility, ease of installation and ease of access for servicing. This was especially important when considering 10 x 4 display video wall configuration.”

The LVSXU mounts allow installation teams to directly connect the mounts to standard 41 mm rail channels that integrators use frequently throughout their projects. This allows installers to first mount long rows of standard rail channel and afterwards quickly ‘click-connect’ the mounts. This eliminates the need for horizontal measuring or using custom mounting spacers.

“The flexibility of the ConnexSys system provided easy and accurate alignment, exactly what we needed for a large scale system. The easy access for service and cabling was a great bonus,” said Rold Erik Leistand, Technical Manager at TechVision.

Leteng, Norway’s experienced value add distributor, supplied the mounts.

“Besides the Chief mount features we trust Leteng’s expertise with Chief and prefer to use them as our supplier whenever possible,” Leistad said.


The system provides TechVision with a high resolution, high brightness video wall that enables excellent overview and collaboration. Additionally, it provides the customer “wow factor” the company was looking for. The ConnexSys mounts provided everything needed for a perfectly aligned wall.

The customer is already considering an expansion of the video wall. Learn more about the ConnexSys Video Wall Mounting System.