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Kramer in the Stock market

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Kramer in the Stock market
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Kramer in the Stock market

BOVESPA is the Brazilian stock market, located in an old style building in the center of San Paulo. As part of its renovation, the management took a decision to install a state of the art audiovisual system in the main visitors’ hall, in the in-house museum and in the 3D presentation.

The BOVESPA project was inaugurated in October 2006, and many visitors come daily to see it, impressed by the advanced multimedia system, comprising many projectors (including a 3-dimensional presentation) and plasmas (part of them in a XGA wall configuration).

This innovative audiovisual project was defined by the architectural company Balken, who recommended the KJPL ARbyte company for the design, integration & installation of this impressive system. Peter Lindquist and Nicola Bernardo, owners of KJPL ARbyte, say: “When we got this project our first question was what we wanted the system to do. Since the space was going to be used in several different configurations we decided that we would need a system as flexible as possible with one central control system that could also be controlled remotely. The system had to control everything, lighting, projectors, plasmas, computers, audio, and video signal processing. After analyzing several solutions we found that Kramer equipment can handle the task as part of the whole automation system.”

“With Kramer equipment we developed a unique integrated control system, offering full flexibility, by using a 32 x 32 RGBHV and 16 x 16 CV matrices together with many Kramer interface machines such as VP-724xl scalers, VP-701SC scan converters, DAs, and VGA over CAT-5 (PT-110 & PT-120) transmitters and receivers controlled by a high level application using Watchout software. We chose Kramer equipment because of their high quality, reliability, support and the excellent experience that we had in a previous sophisticated project”.