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Educational Testing Services (ETS)
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Educational Testing Services (ETS)

About Educational Testing Services

Founded in 1947, Educational Testing Service (ETS) is one of the largest private nonprofit educational testing and assessment organizations in the world. ETS creates customized assessments for individuals, educational institutions and government agencies. The organization develops, administers and scores more than 50 million tests annually at over 9,000 locations worldwide.


ETS needed a reliable, standalone wireless AV presentation system that was easy to use and would transmit the audio and video all in one space. And they wanted a solution in the office of one of their top officials that could simply be plugged in and turned on. They also required a secure transmission separate from the network.


The Kramer KW-11T/KW-11R transmitter/receiver is a high-definition, wireless HDMI combination designed for use over short distances (up to 39 ft.). The KW-11T converts an HDMI signal to a wireless signal and sends it to the KW-11R. The KW-11R converts the wireless signal back to HDMI.

The transmitter/receiver pair offers uncompressed video resolutions of up to 1080p60 with AES 128 encryption for a secure AV link. KW-11T/KW-11R is part of Kramer TOOLS™, Kramer’s family of high-quality, compact solutions.


“The Kramer KW-11 was a simple solution that solved a lot of issues,” said Patrick Whipkey, senior project manager at IMS Technology Services, the systems integrator who handled the project. “It was a small transmitter plugged into the HDMI input and it allowed the presenter to walk around while using it.”

The IMS team reviewed the specifications for the KW-11 with the ETS audio video team and security personnel and approved the encryption.

The customer already had VGA and HDMI in the floor at the conference table, but the KW-11 also allowed the customer to walk around the office wirelessly and still be connected. The user can plug the transmitter into the HDMI input on a laptop for an immediate connection. A simple press of a button changes the source input on the display as necessary.

Kramer’s KW-11 transmitter/receiver passed the test of the ETS testers with flying colors!