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Needed to be able to display the visuals from any highway camera on any portion of a video (display) wall


Purpose-built visualization system


Used Jupiter’s Catalyst XL solution

The DoT (department of transportation) agency of Mississippi manages traffic flow and road hazards for the entire state of Illinois. Data from any highway camera that is in the state needed to be displayed on any portion of the video wall. If an event occurs, then the people in the operations center need to be able to enlarge the camera image across the wall. They also needed the ability to preview the camera images before displaying them on the wall.

Jupiter Solution:


Output 5x3 video wall

Display all 300 IP streams at the same time

Supports cameras that have 4K resolution; gives the best resolution for when the operators zoom into areas of interests

Mission critical 24/7 room


Ability to put any highway camera on any portion on the wall. When an event happens then the customer can stretch the camera over a large portion of the wall.

Ability to preview the camera before putting It up on the wall.