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A New Video Production Initiative for Corporate and In-house Events

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A New Video Production Initiative for Corporate and In-house Events
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Implemented TriCaster ® 2 Elite for Hosting Professional Online Events

In May 2021, denON ENGINEERING Co., Ltd. implemented TriCaster® 2 Elite, an all-in-one live video production system from NewTek, part of the Vizrt Group, which is based in the U.S. As hosting online events has become the norm, the company launched a professional online streaming service, primarily for corporate and in-house events, by adopting new video production methods using TriCaster for companies seeking a more advanced video production.

denON ENGINEERING provides a wide range of services in the four categories of engineering, operation, support and creative, as well as a comprehensive service that encompasses several of these categories. This allows the company to handle all requests related to sounds, lighting, and videos all under one roof. Based on their corporate philosophy of “Ah, sonna koto ma de” (being detail oriented about even the minute details), denON ENGINEERING provides solutions to various establishments and spaces such as hotels, companies, arenas, passenger boats and hospitals. Among these, they are famously known for their services provided to hotels.

They were the first company in Japan to start a resident service for hotels in the production operation industry. The company single-handedly manages many corporate and in-house events hosted at the banquet halls of partner hotels and stations resident maintenance staff at well-known first-class hotels including the Imperial Hotel, Hotel Metropolitan, Sheraton and Keio Plaza Hotel for operating video, audio and lighting equipment and maintaining various performance-related equipment.

It All Started with Demand for Online Events during the Coronavirus Pandemic

The majority of denON ENGINEERING’s event services are utilized by events hosted at hotel banquet halls, conference centers, halls, and corporate facilities. However, the demand for these services dramatically dropped due to the direct impact from the novel coronavirus. To overcome this, the company launched a video streaming service. As a temporary measure, they were initially thinking of facilitating online events through live streaming platforms.

However, the company confirmed the level of high demand as they continued to provide their streaming service. In the anticipation of their next move, they decided to do this full scale as a new business category. To achieve this, the company’s top priority was to build a more advanced streaming system, rather than just using web conferencing tools and streaming software. It also required a futuristic video production that can not only support online events, but also be used for real events and hybrid events.

Video Production that is Unique to Online Events Using TriCaster ®

Until now, when producing videos for filming facilities built for real events, the company utilized a one-way process of switching live footages and synthesizing and processing them using a screen management system. However nowadays, it requires an interactive component that allows participation from performers and the audience such as by changing the screen text in real-time and integrating online conferencing tools such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. The company felt the need to address this and incorporate an advanced video production system that is unique to online events, and therefore implemented TriCaster®.

TriCaster 2 Elite is a digital media production system with IP connectivity through NDI®. TriCaster 2 Elite moves beyond being only a live video production system to an all-encompassing digital media environment to create content for Internet, mobile, and television distribution. The agile software driven operation, IP native technology, and production functionality of TriCaster 2 Elite provides extensive capabilities, connectivity, and control. With flexible implementation, integration of standard network infrastructures, a more complete set of capabilities, and a unique capacity for distributed production, TriCaster 2 Elite removes the traditional boundaries of media formats, I/O, channels, and delivery.