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HDMI Extension for the Luxury Home

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HDMI Extension for the Luxury Home
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An audio/video distribution system plays an integral part of new Smart Home construction. From prewire to finish, an audio/video distribution backbone needs to be able to deliver high bandwidth video signals from the rack room to every zone in the home. With a mixed bag of signals coming from satellite boxes, streaming devices, gaming consoles, and computers, you need to have an infrastructure that can handle this wide range of signal resolutions, color spaces, and timings. In this installation, ProSource AV and Integration was the mastermind behind the distribution system that out performed the end user’s expectations.


ProSouce AV and Integration was hired to help a customer install a complete audio/video experience in their home. The customer was remodeling their home and felt that this was the perfect time to upgrade their audio/video system to something more 2020. The homeowners were requesting a complete ala carte video experience where every display would have their own video source; however, the entire home would share two music streamers that needed to be available in each room of the house.

“After a round table discussion, we decided on utilizing the AVPro Edge extender family for this solution. The customer wanted a clean installation with all wires hidden, and each display having it’s own source while having the audio available throughout their dedicated zones.


ProSource AV had used AVPro Edge solutions in the past, and knew this installation would be a perfect fit for AVPro Edge’s Extenders. Looking online and through the product guide from AVPro Edge, ProSource realized there were numerous options for delivering HDMI over category cable. Knowing that this installation would see very high bandwidth 4K and HDR signals, ProSource needed to make sure the product they selected for the video distribution was going to be able to handle 18Gbps signaling.

ProSource called up the experts to get their take on this installation. Working alongside Steve Baker from AVPro Edge, ProSource was able to determine that the AC-EX40-444-PLUS-KIT would be the ideal product. Capable of delivering full 18Gbps signaling over category cable was just the beginning with these feature-rich extenders. What ProSource really needed was the ability to distribute audio from the display into the audio distribution system. The ACEX40-444-PLUS-KIT has ARC capabilities, making it the ideal selection for this type of installation.


ARC, or Audio Return Channel, is an HDMI feature built into many TVs, receivers, and soundbars. It allows an audio signal to move along the HDMI pathway in reverse. In this installation, it allowed ProSource to take the audio from the apps built into a Smart TV like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime, and distribute the signal to the speakers mounted throughout the home.


Now, the customers has a super clean installation, an extremely smooth audio distribution system, and full 4K HDR signaling to every display. ProSource started planning with their clients and prewiring the job in July/August of 2019. They completed the entire installation in March 2020. When we asked ProSource’s Jason E. Garlington if he would use this solution again, his response was simple and to the point: “Absolutely.”


ProSource AV and Integration specializes in designing, installing, and integrating various systems in residential and commercial applications such as home theaters, distributed audio and video, video conferencing, lighting/ shades/HVAC control, universal remote control, automation, and security surveillance systems.

Owner of ProSource AV and Integration, Jason has over 14 years of experience in designing, installing, and maintaining home theaters, distributed audio/video systems, surveillance systems, and programming for universal remotes as well as system integration and automation. Coming from 21 years of military service as both active duty Navy and Nevada Air National Guard has given him a unique set of skills that undoubtedly provide the utmost in professionalism, integrity, management, and exceptional technical expertise.