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TECO Clean Energy Center
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Beaudry Interactive, Tampa Electric Company (TECO), and Basemint Creative created outdoor interactive experiences for TECO Clean Energy Center. These experiences utilize weatherproof The TV Shield PRO and The TV Shield PRO Portrait enclosures from Protective Enclosures Company (PEC) paired with PEC’s IR Touch Frame for the interactive screens.

From interactive experiences to wayfinding, signage, menu boards, and more, Protective Enclosures Company’s TV cabinets are popular for various business uses.


The TECO Clean Energy Center had in mind an open-air interactive station with various experiences. They needed a screen solution that would be durable, weatherproof, and have touch screen capability. It was important to find something economical, truly durable, reliable, reputable, and so on.


The TV Shield PRO and The TV Shield PRO Portrait paired with PEC’s IP65 Touch Frame served as perfect solutions. These outdoor touch screen enclosures include robust security, weatherproofing, water-resistance, ventilation, heat protection or cold resistance, dust control, and more. The enclosures offer quality and affordability.


The TV Shield PRO series enclosures with the IP65 IR Touch Frame are now key components of Tampa Electric’s Clean Energy Center. These enclosures have enabled the weatherproofing and touch capability of the outdoor immersive educational activities such as the Energy Explorer interactive kiosk, Flower Power interactive flower control activity, and Recharge Game.

Anti-Glare Tips:

Photographs sometimes show added glare that is not visible on enclosure screens in real life. An anti-glare front screen option is available for enclosures and the Customer Support Team at PEC works closely with clients on the best positioning of an enclosure as well as needed TV screen brightness to yield the best results!


These enclosures enable the outdoor use of screens for engaging and teaching visitors with immersive technology

Being able to have TVs outside at all times for fun and educational purposes

Ability to utilize the latest and top-of-the-line tech and software outside

Unmatched durability for screens in outdoor environments

Significant savings against alternatives

Ability to also house and protect additional devices like media players and AV equipment in the enclosure

Common Enclosure Uses:

Outdoor touch screen solutions

TV protection from weather, tampering, theft, damage, and more

Digital signage protection from weather, tampering, theft, damage, and more

Safety and messaging displays in harsh environments

Marketing displays

Stage screens

Menu boards

Electronic score boards

TVs and digital signs near pools Entertainment complex TVs and monitors

Customer service kiosks

Education boards

Protecting TVs from children or special needs individuals