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Seeking to improve safety and operations as an industry leader, H2Go Express Car Wash paired the NoPileups full tunnel anti-collision system with water resistant digital display cases from Protective Enclosure Company (PEC) for a Load-On Display solution.


H2Go Express Car Wash and other car washes face the issue of cars running off tracks in the car wash and bumping into each other. This can be a safety concern and cost for everyone involved. These pileups also slow down customers trying to get through the car wash as well as reduce the number of cars that can get through the car wash per day. Due to the negative ramifications of these pileups, H2Go Express Car Wash and other car washes face the challenge of preventing these scenarios.


The NoPileups software leveraged computer vision using IP-based cameras throughout the car wash tunnel to track vehicles from the entrance to the exit of the tunnel. This added a level of safety for car wash customers and enabled car washes to wash more cars with less worries. The NoPileups software was combined with Protective Enclosures Company’s The Display Shield outdoor TV enclosure to create a Load-On Display solution.

The Display Shield was mounted at the entrance of the car wash tunnel with a TV inside. The Display Shield provided water resistant and impact resistant protection for the TV so it wouldn’t be damaged in the car wash environment. Without a Load-On Display to show data from the NoPileups software, car wash staff would be blind to the status of the NoPileups system. The protected Load-On TV displays all the NoPileups camera views and provides end users real-time status of the NoPileups system.


When a stop occurs, the Load-On Display displays a live view of the vehicle that caused the stop along with a 15-second replay of what occurred. This allows the loader to understand what happened. They then can walk the tunnel, determine if the vehicle is a risk, and correct the issue. Once the issue is corrected, they can safely restart the conveyor.

No damage to TVs for Load-On Displays

Car washes run up to 20 more cars per hour during peak times

Reduced damage costs

Increased staff satisfaction and retention