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Turner Foundation Music and Imagination Program

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Turner Foundation Music and Imagination Program
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In an effort to benefit student development via an outdoor classroom, The Turner Foundation Music and Imagination Program (TFMI) utilized a waterresistant The TV Shield TV and display case from Protective Enclosure Company (PEC) for an outdoor classroom TV solution. PEC’s The TV Shield PRO, The TV Shield PRO Lite, and The Display Shield are some of the most popular PEC enclosure models among schools. The TV Shield and The TV Shield PRO Portrait are an excellent choice for certain needs as well.


The TFMI program needed a way to mount a TV outside in the new Open-Air Music Studio. They needed something that would be secure (locked) and weatherproof. Otherwise, the program would have limited options, such as wheeling a TV out every session, which would put that TV at risk of damage on an ongoing basis. In general, the program needed a truly viable outdoor classroom TV solution.


After reviewing and researching options, the program realized choosing an enclosure for a TV was the perfect product/gear that was needed in order to have a workable outdoor space. The program installed The TV Shield outdoor TV cabinet from PEC. TFMI chose The TV Shield product because it can lock the TV in the enclosure and also provides premade holes for routing cables to their desired destinations. They also found the clear polycarbonate in front of the TV does a great job not glaring when the sun is out. It also keeps the overall integrity of the TV screen image.


The TV Shield enabled the TFMI program to turn their outdoor space into a classroom. David Rojas (Director of Music Programs) said, “being able to inspire and educate our students outside by using The TV Shield for Powerpoints, workshops, music lessons, and other educational activities has perfectly enhanced our program.”


Being able to have a TV outside at all times for educational purposes

Improved efficiency and productivity

No loss of time that would otherwise be lost while rolling a TV outside and back inside

Significant savings against alternatives

The Open-Air Music Studio is now a multimedia outdoor space for recreational or educational use

Ability to also house and protect additional devices like a Roku or mini PC in the enclosure

Anti-Glare Tips:

Photographs sometimes show added glare that is not visible on enclosure screens in real life.

An anti-glare front screen option is available for enclosures

and the Customer Support Team at PEC works closely with clients on the best positioning of an enclosure as well as needed TV screen brightness to yield the best results!

TFMI Spotlight:

Protective Enclosures Company would like to applaud and voice appreciation to the TFMI program as well as education programs and schools in general for their hard work invested in positively impacting students.

The purpose of the TFMI program is for members to develop skills that lead to a basic understanding of music theory, performance, integrated thinking, and their ability to create peaceful and positive connections with others in order to teach members necessary skills to become productive and well-rounded musicians who lead their lives with intention, confidence, and purpose.

Common Educational Uses of PEC’s Enclosures:

Classroom TV protection from tampering, theft, and damage

Campus digital signage protection from weather, tampering, theft, damage, and more

Outdoor TV solution for PE and recess

Sports arena marketing displays

Theater stage screens

Lunchroom menu boards

Electronic score boards

TVs and digital signs near pools

Entertainment complex TVs and monitors

TVs in athletic complexes and gyms

Chorus and choir room displays

Science lab education boards

Child safety solution for TVs

Outdoor touch screen solutions.