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ACE Backstage Co., Inc.

ACE BACKSTAGE CO., INC. makes a full product line of flush stage pockets (floor pockets/floor boxes) which provide utility, convenience, and easy installation. Ace Custom Stage Pockets include built to order custom panels with engraving and connector loading, providing the system integrator or installer an economical "one stop" completed pocket/panel/connector assembly.
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Digitally Compatible Stage Pockets from ACE Backstage
Posted on Wednesday, April 12, 2017

ACE Backstage, the leading stage pocket manufacturer for the HOW and EDU markets, introduces contemporary digital compatibility with any AoE ganged device, expanding networked connectivity to the stage floor. 

 Single, double, and triple gang 107 Series CONNECTRIX Panels load Dante-enabled interfaces from brands like Attero Tech to sit flush, secure, and ventilated inside most every ACE Stage Pocket. With modular components from ACE, choosing connectivity options for a one-of-a-kind floor box has never been easier. Analog a/v and high voltage power sit alongside digital interfaces in a solid steel, UL Listed Stage Pocket System that is engineered for voltage isolation and to withstand on-stage weight loads over 750 lbs.

Known for just-in-time delivery, ACE Backstage Stage Pockets and Panel Systems offer design choices that give your project flexibility with delivery schedules, segment part breakdowns, and last minute changes. Choosing pocket finishes, back box depth, lid type, and connectivity details add no additional lead time to your order - in fact, your order will probably ship tomorrow. Custom panel labeling is the fastest in the business and you can always count on us, because it’s guaranteed to get there when you need it.