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ACE Backstage Co., Inc.

ACE BACKSTAGE CO., INC. makes a full product line of flush stage pockets (floor pockets/floor boxes) which provide utility, convenience, and easy installation. Ace Custom Stage Pockets include built to order custom panels with engraving and connector loading, providing the system integrator or installer an economical "one stop" completed pocket/panel/connector assembly.

Model: Tall Tabs

Colored Tabs are mounted behind CONNECTRIX Connectors in ACE Wall, Rack, or Stage Pocket Panels to increase connectivity recognition or update exisiting panels.
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NEW 125SLBK RackWell Stage Pocket: Rack Mount IN The Stage Floor
Posted on Friday, June 12, 2020
NEW 125SLBK RackWell Stage Pocket:              Rack Mount IN The Stage Floor

The redesigned 125SLBK RackWell provides on-stage access for digital snake i/o, and the new open-access design allows for complete product ventilation and flexibility of product depth when a digital snake is horizontally rackmounted inside.

Easily installed with ethernet cable, a digital snake reduces remodeling, retrofitting, and new construction efforts by eliminating analog cable runs. The RackWell Pocket eliminates the need for patch panels by placing the digital connectivity right where it’s needed, in the stage floor.

As a dual application stage pocket, there is ample interior space to include additional connectivity typical to floor box applications. Custom configured connection panels may include a wide variety of AV and AC connections, as well as ventilation panels or fans.

Along with our new design comes a lower price point, reduced freight costs, and our just-in-time delivery that ACE is famous for.

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