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Anchor Audio: A New Generation of Portable Sound
Posted on Friday, June 1, 2018

June 1, 2018 marks the launch of several changes, rather, improvements, to Anchor Audio products. In fact, so much has changed that we felt a summary and quick reference guide may help with understanding the differences.

So, what are these changes that have brought on an entirely new product line?

1      AnchorLink*:

AnchorLink is Anchor Audio’s new wireless platform created with three goals in mind: 

  • Clear, reliable audio 
  • Ultimate wireless microphone convenience 
  • Overall simplicity 

We believe these goals have been achieved with the following new features:

  1. Longer Transmission Range: With the new AnchorLink wireless transmitters (mic or belt pack), there is now a 300’+ wireless range, line of sight, with the Bigfoot, Beacon, Liberty, Go Getter, MegaVox and Acclaim. This is over double the range of our previous wireless range. 

    Why did we do it?

    Based on dealer and customer feedback and changing industry standards, we understood that a dependable wireless platform with reduced interference was crucial. That being said, we’ve moved the frequency on which our wireless transmitters operate from the 500 MHz wireless frequency range to the less populated 1.9 GHz range.

  2. Automatic Frequency Hopping: AnchorLink transmitters now have the ability to automatically switch frequencies if it is experiencing any interruption or interference in the transmission. This user-friendly feature no longer requires you to manually change the channels on both your wireless microphone and the main speaker unit.

  3. One-Time Pairing: That’s right. You only have to pair your wireless transmitters to the mic receiver one time. The microphone and/or belt pack will actually remember what it was paired to, even after it’s turned off!

2      Lithium Ion Battery:

The second biggest change made this year is the type of battery used in our systems. We’ve switched over to Lithium Ion batteries.

What does that matter?
Several reasons: These batteries are rated to last 2,000 cycles, nearly 10x the number of cycles in comparison to our previous Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) battery. They are also much lighter, about half the weight, as the SLA. Did you know the Bigfoot has 4 batteries in the system? Cutting the battery weight in half has a huge impact on the overall weight of the system, making its portability even better.

Let’s discuss storage. You may have times where your system will need to be stored for long periods of time without use. The new Lithium batteries allow 8-10 months for on-shelf storage without needing to be plugged into a power source. 

In addition to the improvements the battery itself will bring to your system, we’ve also added an Active Fuel Gauge on the back panel of the main speaker unit, so you know just how much “juice” is left in your battery charge. Gone are the days of hoping you have enough charge to make it through your event!

To add some serious icing to the cake, a 2-year warranty extension can be added on to your already included 4-year warranty. With a 6-year warranty, you not only match the warranty on your sound or PA system, but you have the longest battery warranty on the market. For more information about the Extended Battery Warranty, visit

For over 40 years, Anchor Audio has been known for its durability, reliability and quality, and we firmly believe that the changes occurring for 2018 were necessary to continue to uphold this reputation and exceed our customer expectations. We know you will find the simplicity of these somewhat complex enhancements to be a huge improvement to your Anchor Audio experience!


*AnchorLink will be available in the Bigfoot, Beacon, Liberty, Go Getter, MegaVox, MiniVox, AN-Mini, AN-1000x+, AN-130+, CouncilMAN and Acclaim.