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Katy Perry Tour Uitlizes Ansmann Rechargeables and Fischer Amps
Posted on Friday, May 30, 2014
Katy Perry Tour Uitlizes Ansmann Rechargeables and Fischer Amps

The Katy Perry Prismatic World Tour has chosen to "go green" and utilize rechargeable batteries for their wireless mics and IEMs.

The tour kicked-off in Belfast, Ireland on May 7th.  The tour utilizes approximately 180 AA batteries per show /rehearsal.

Here are a few comments from Manny Barajas, monitor engineer for Katy Perry regarding the use of Ansmann Rechargeable Batteries and Fischer Amps Rackmount Chargers:

"The Ansmann AA batteries and Fischer Amps ALC161 battery chargers are working out great for us on the Katy Perry Prismatic World Tour!

We could not be happier with them.

The charge time is fast. The usage time is triple that of a standard alkaline battery. Battery waste is ZERO!

Our production manager and tour accountant are very happy to know that after 75 days of usage the system will have paid for itself in alkaline battery cost alone.

We are using the Ansmann standard 2850 mah AA in all our Sennheiser wireless devices. That includes EK 2000 IEM beltpack receivers, SK 500 G3 guitar beltpack transmitters, and the SKM 5200-II battery sled, the B-5000-2.

We are also using the Ansmann Slimline version of the 2850 mah AA batteries in our BTR-800 wireless comms beltpack battery holder, the BP-700."

For more information contact:

David Schliep

856-481-3504 Ext 1020