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Model: TesiraCONNECT TC-5

TesiraCONNECT is a 5-port expansion device for Biamp conferencing products. At the center of every Biamp conference room, the TesiraCONNECT provides power and media streaming for Biamp components.
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The Importance of Audio in Collaboration Spaces
Posted on Wednesday, November 9, 2022
The Importance of Audio in Collaboration Spaces

Nov. 9, 2022 - Why the audio experience is just as important as the visual experience when sharing important information.

A collaboration space can be a classroom, lecture hall, auditorium, conference room or huddle room—essentially and space where collaborative learning, planning or brainstorming occur.

When specifying equipment for a new collaboration space or a room that's being upgraded, significant emphasis is rightly placed on finding the right display screen. But with so much focus on a meeting space's visual component, many forget to prioritize the importance of audio and just settle for the display screen's built-in speakers.

Audio quality is rarely taken into consideration because for many, a presentation is just a PowerPoint slide deck with some text and images and not an immersive, interactive, multisensory experience.

But obviously any presentation that delivers a multisensory experience is far more memorable and a much more effective way to collaborate. Studies show that using multimedia in a classroom setting helps students retain information faster and more thoroughly. By recognizing that students process information differently and accommodating their various learning styles, teachers can ensure that all their students are engaged learners.

If multimedia works well for kids, shouldn't it work well for adults?

Incorporating different forms of media when delivering a presentation—rather than presenting a slide deck—is a great way to make meeting attendees feel like engaged participants and help them retain important takeaways.

Modern presenters and users of AV technology in collaboration spaces are video savvy. They create mini videos for use as stories on Facebook and Instagram, use live streaming, and consume several videos on different platforms every single day. It is safe to assume that video and other forms of interactive media are the methods by which people communicate today. So, it makes perfect sense that today's professionals also prefer to incorporate video elements when collaborating in meeting spaces.

This emphasizes the importance of audio performance in today's collaboration spaces, no matter their sizes. High-quality audio helps presenters deliver their messages more effectively and ensures that meeting attendees are heard clearly.

At Biamp, we know all about the importance of audio in collaboration spaces.

Featuring Beamtracking® technology, our award-winning Parlé microphones follow the voices of meeting participants, allowing them to move freely around the space while remaining easily heard and understood. And to provide superior voice reproduction in conferencing environments, Desono C-IC6 loudspeakers deliver superior audio clarity across the entire room, while TesiraCONNECT and our unique single cable connection scheme allow installers to take advantage of configuration-free networking. Plus, our automated tools and intelligent signal processors ensure that room deployments are 100 percent consistent, making for a fully optimized collaboration experience in every space.

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