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New Cabling Solutions
Posted on Thursday, March 11, 2021
New Cabling Solutions

March 11, 2021 - Cleerline Technology Group is always working to provide better solutions that make your installations faster and easier. Our new and updated Cleerline SSF™ fiber optic cabling items provide flexible options for many types of installations, from OSP environments to smaller residential settings.

New 24 Strand Rugged and Armored Direct Burial Cables

Managing space effectively is always important, even in harsh or rugged environments.  Enter new Cleerline SSF™ 24 strand Rugged Micro Distribution and 24 strand Armored Corrugated Steel (ACS) cables.  Each cable maintains the same outer diameter as our existing Rugged Micro (6.1 mm) or ACS (9.0 mm) configurations while distributing 24 fibers!  Like our 24 Strand Single Tube cable, these cables utilize one fiber-holding subunit, reducing the cable's overall diameter. 

High bandwidth installation outdoors or in conduit requiring more than 12 fibers?  No need to run an additional cable, taking up valuable space in conduit or requiring additional labor.  Use a 24 strand cable!  Both cable configurations are available in OS2 single mode for maximum distance capability.

These new cables 24 strand have all the same features as our existing Rugged Micro Distribution or Armored Corrugated Steel cables.

Rugged Micro Distribution

Rugged Micro Distribution is Riser rated (OFNR/FT4), with a PVC outer jacket.  This cable is ideal for installation in riser spaces and trays or outdoors in conduit.  Rugged Micro Distribution's internal layer of fiberglass yarns helps to deter rodents and adds additional durability to the cable. 


  • Dielectric construction
  • Move easily from outdoor conduit to indoor spaces
  • Rodent resistant
  • Flexible and durable

Armored Corrugated Steel

Use Armored Corrugated Steel cable for direct burial applications.  This non-rated cable's polyethylene jacket and internal steel tube provide protection from the elements.  The internal steel layer keeps rodents out, as well as supplying high crush resistance. 


  • Direct burial
  • High crush resistance
  • UV resistant
  • Rodent resistance

Both 24 strand Rugged Micro and 24 strand Armored Corrugated Steel single mode cables are compatible with all 9/125 µm single mode connectors.  We commend using a 24 strand fanout kit with these cables for most installation applications.

OM4 Rugged Micro Distribution and Armored Corrugated Steel Cables

Our Rugged Micro and Armored Corrugated Steel cables are also available with OM4 multimode optical fiber! OM4 allows transfer of 10 Gbps Ethernet approximately 1300 feet and offers greater support for higher bandwidths (40 Gbps) than other multimode fibers.

Rugged Micro and ACS OM4 cables are available with 6-12 strands of fiber.

New 500' Duplex "Reel in a Box" Spools

Our popular Duplex OM3 multimode is now available in 500 foot spools!  Use for smaller-scale installations requiring less than 1000 feet of cabling, or keep a reel on hand to create your own custom patch cables! 

Cleerline SSF™ Duplex multimode fiber optic cable consists of two fibers in a zipcord configuration.  This is ideal for bi-directional data transmission, with one cable providing Tx and the other Rx.   OM3 multimode allows distribution of 10 Gbps Ethernet up to approximately 1000 feet, making this SSF™ duplex an ideal choice for residential networking.

500 foot reels are available Riser rated (OFNR/FT4) for indoor applications or Plenum rated (OFNP/FT6) for indoor installations in plenum spaces or installations outdoors in conduit. 

Riser Rated cables (OFNR/FT4)

Additionally, we are pleased to announce greater availability of Riser rated cables!  Use these cables for indoor applications in riser spaces.  The following Riser parts are now available on 1000 foot reels or cut to order.

Duplex cables feature two optical fibers. 

  • D29125SMOSR Single Mode OS2
  • D50125MOM4R – Multimode OM4

Micro Distribution cables feature multiple fibers within one overall jacket.

4D50125MOM3R – 4 strand Multimode OM3

4D9125SMOS2R – 4 strand Single Mode OS2

6D50125MOM3R – 6 strand Multimode OM3

6D9125SMOS2R – 6 strand Single Mode OS2

12D50125MOM3R – 12 strand Multimode OM3

12D9125SMOS2R – 12 strand Single Mode OS2