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Lesser-Known Accessories
Posted on Friday, September 17, 2021
Lesser-Known Accessories

Sept. 17, 2021 = Have you ever had a job grind to a halt because you don’t have that one key $5 part? Are you tired of having your materials show up in 10 different boxes from 10 different vendors?  It’s not our favorite experience either.  In fact, that frustration was part of the motivation behind Custom Install Supply, which would later give rise to Cleerline Technology Group.  Cleerline’s founders wanted you to be able to find all the parts you need in one place, and our fiber optic solutions are now carrying that idea forward. 

Complete Fiber Optic Solutions

As you probably know, we have fiber optic cable configurations designed to cover most common applications, from outdoor direct burial environments to indoor data centers. Our fiber cables use SSF™ technology for strength and ease of use.  Plus, our fiber optic connectors are so easy to install that you can terminate them in as little as one minute! We also have hardware solutions, like enclosures. And don’t get us started on our HDMI Active Optical Cables!

All of this is great, but what if you just need to couple two terminated cables together to be able to move forward? Try a feedthrough adapter! Or what if you just need to pull a terminated cable safely?  We have a variety of pulling eye kits.

Check out our lesser-known accessories below.  You can find these in under Tools in our product catalog, plus some items, like Fanout Kits, are also cross-listed under Connectivity. 

  • Adapters and Inserts
  • Fiber Optic Breakout Kits
  • Fiber Optic Cleaning Supplies
  • Fiber Optic Fan Out Kits
  • Heavy Duty Cable Pulling Sock
  • LC Connector Clips
  • Portable Cable Reels
  • Precision Wheel Cleavers
  • SSF-ACS-TOOL Cable Slitting Tool
  • SSF-FCS1264 Cable Slit and Ring Tool
  • SSF-PULLEYED Pulling Eye Kit for Duplex, AOC
  • SSF-PULLEYEM Pulling Eye Kit for 2+ Fibers
  • SSF-RCS-TOOL Radial Cable Stripping Tool
  • SSF-SHEARS Fiber Optic Shears
  • SSF-TRIHOLE Fiber Optic Strippers
  • SSF-TRIHOLEP Tri-Hole Stripping Tool
  • Visual Fault Locators