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Contemporary Research Shipping QMOD-HDSC HDTV - First Scaler Modulator Specifically Built for Digital Signage Integration
Posted on Thursday, September 1, 2011

 Dallas, TX - Following months of rigorous testing, Contemporary Research is shipping the third member of its popular QMOD family, the QMOD-HDSC HDTV Scaler Modulator, to waiting customers.

Scott Hetzler, president of CR, says that the QMOD-HDSC is the first HD modulator specifically designed for digital signage integration. The onboard in-stream scaler ingests signage at PC resolution, converting the output to 1080i/720p video. In addition, the scaler features up and down-scaling, zoom, shrink, and positioning – all critical to display signage correctly on TVs.

The QMOD-HDSC detects and automatically scales a PC's inbound resolution, and formatting is a simple two-step process for horizontal and vertical dimensions. The content is output as an HD digital cable channel, set from 2 to 135. HD Video can be fed from the VGA or Component inputs, with options for stereo or digital audio.

QMOD® technology enables users to create their own on-site HDTV broadband distribution system using a variety of HD, SD, and AV sources, distributing digital signage, satellite, cable, and media as HD digital cable channels over existing broadband wiring and enables users to view HD sources at any destination, using HDTV displays or tuners.

The MSRP (Manufacturers’ Suggested Retail Price) for the unit is $2870. 

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Contemporary Research designs and creates solutions for an HDTV world, offering cutting-edge products, HDTV display control, digital signage, and tuning. In addition, CR supports a proven line of analog TV tuners, closed-captioning tools and commercial and educational media systems. For more information about Contemporary Research products, visit us on the web at or call (888) 972-2728.