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Crestron offers the only complete end-to-end solution with a complete line of hardware and software. Crestron not only connects and controls devices; we integrate and automate all the building systems to provide a connected experience. We deliver integrated solutions for audio, video, IP, lighting and climate control making wiring and installations easier and promoting system integrity.

Model: DIN-KXI

The DIN-KXI is an IP-based KNX interface that allows a 4-Series® control system to communicate with a KNX system. It is capable of addressing and controlling up to 1,000 datapoints and receives power
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The Training You Need: Info on the Crestron Technical Institute
Posted on Thursday, August 18, 2022
The Training You Need: Info on the Crestron Technical Institute

Aug. 18, 2022 - Odds are pretty good you're familiar with Crestron training programs such as the annual Crestron Masters event or courses offered at trade shows such as InfoComm®, ISE, and CEDIA®. However, Crestron training is much, much more than that.

In fact, it's a year-round effort.

Through the Crestron Technical Institute (CTI), we're able to deliver self-paced learning, interactive online training, and hands-on courses, all taught by our global team of Crestron instructors. These educators have decades of experience, and many of them designed and built the very products you're learning about. By utilizing the same tools we sell for hybrid learning, we can bring our dealers the best practices in designing, configuring, installing, and programming Crestron products.

"We've certified thousands of people for proficiency in sales, programming, design, and other aspects of Crestron solutions," says Rich Sasson, Global Director of Training. "And we're very happy that in-person CTI courses have returned  — we know that option can be most effective for certain subjects, as well as for some learners." Commercial lighting is an excellent example of this: Given all the variables in the design and installation of these solutions, lighting concepts, applications, and selling strategies are best taught via in-person instruction.

"The online portal went through a redesign not long ago," adds Sasson. "It's very simple to navigate."

The Learning Tracks

There's a vast number of courses and exams in the catalog — available in 12 languages — and they all support seven different "tracks" (essentially, fields of study), several of which qualify the learner for an invitation to the Crestron Masters program (which we'll explore below).

The tracks are:

  • Core Track: Simply put, the basics. This track gives you the foundational knowledge to understand Crestron solutions (and our more popular product lines) as a Crestron Partner. Completion of this track is a prerequisite before other courses are offered.
  • Sales Track: It's right there in the name — this track will teach you how to position the best solutions for your customers. You'll be invited to the Crestron Masters program after completing this track.
  • Design Track: Learn how to create complete, easy-to-use, and support Crestron solutions for whatever market you serve. This track also unlocks a Crestron Masters invitation upon completion.
  • Technician/Field Engineer Track: Learn how to install, configure, and commission Crestron systems.
  • Programmer Track: Learn how to use Crestron programming tools to create custom solutions that customers love to use. Completion comes with a Crestron Masters invitation.
  • Crestron Flex Track: This series of courses is the key to successful deployments of Crestron Flex solutions.
  • Lighting Track: This new offering, the Commercial Lighting Sales Track, will give you the building blocks to understand which products and solutions meet your customers' needs.

The Masters Program

As we've mentioned, a number of these tracks feed directly into the Crestron Masters program, our continuing education program for Crestron Certified Programmers, Designers, and Sales Professionals.

Some background: Crestron Masters was first introduced in 2002. Like most new initiatives, the program started small, with a group of 30 programmers who traveled to Crestron headquarters in Rockleigh, New Jersey, for three days of intensive programming classes. Two decades later, Crestron Masters is now a globally recognized continuing education program with thousands of attendees. It's a space where certified professionals come together with their peers to learn the latest Crestron technology — and it's also a great opportunity to network with one's peers. Ultimately, the annual Crestron Masters event offers the kinds of interactions that help attendees get ahead in the industry — and, perhaps most importantly, learn about cutting-edge technology and techniques before that info is released to the public.

There are three Crestron Masters Certification Tracks:

  • Masters Certified Programmer (MCP),
  • Masters Technology Architect - Commercial (MTA-C) and Masters Technology Architect – Residential (MTA-R), and
  • Masters Sales Associate – Commercial (MSA-C) and Masters Sales Associate – Residential (MSA-R).

Crestron Masters attendees give the program race reviews. "In order to stay relevant, coming to Crestron Masters is my best avenue to learn from the technical experts what I need to know to be successful in delivering solutions for my clients," says Dave Hatz from RoomReady, Zeller Digital Innovations, Inc. And the return to in-person learning — and networking — rounds out the experience. "Face-to-face interaction has always mattered, and the fact that I can come down here and touch base with the people that are involved directly, that's a big deal," says Wayne Edel of PSB Integration.

The courses are always being updated, and new educational offerings are being added to the mix as well. Beyond the addition of an entire learning track dedicated to commercial lighting sales, courses such as the "Embrace the Easy" series are constantly entering the mix.

Whatever training journey suits your specific needs, the Crestron team is committed to helping you pick the coursework tailored to you. "We help guide the training process so it's easy to understand what classes one might need to gain a particular certification," adds Serena Cuna, Crestron's manager of training operations. "We're invested in personalizing the learning experience — our goal is to ensure everyone has access to premium professional education."