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West Hollywood Library links residents to information and policy-makers with major AV update
Posted on Thursday, September 20, 2012
West Hollywood Library links residents to information and policy-makers with major AV update

Atlanta, Georgia – (9/20/2012) – The striking architectural form of the year-old West Hollywood Library (WHL) may have attracted the lion's share of attention initially, but it's the functionality within that has led to the West Hollywood community's widespread embrace of the public building. Located across from the iconic Pacific Design Center, the West Hollywood Library enlists large-screen projection and automation to help create a unified town center for the surrounding community. The 48,000 square foot Library operates primarily as a community amenity, as was the original intention, with a focus on meetings and public forums. However, by combining a flexible, multi-use design approach with advanced technology, the WHL has become a link between the public and private sectors of life in West Hollywood. 

Designed by Steve Johnson and James Favaro of the Culver City firm Johnson Favaro, the WHL was built by the City of West Hollywood as part of their 25th Anniversary Capital Campaign. This campaign also includes plans to provide new public parking spaces and renovations to public parks. The three-story building, of which the WHL fills the second and third floors, spans roughly 48,000 square feet. Waveguide Consulting Inc., a nationally recognized leader in the integrated communication technology industry, designed and managed the audio, video and communications solutions throughout the WHL. 
Intended as an accessible link between the elected civic leaders and community residents, the WHL was designed to serve a myriad of usages. However, it was always a priority that the library would foster public participation in community forums, as well as host and broadcast city council meetings. Additionally, the WHL contains a television broadcast center that enables events at the library and the adjacent West Hollywood Park to be broadcast over the internet and through the community cable television network. Thanks to this new capability, the city has seen a surge in community forum participation from the community as a whole.
This multi-purpose directive permeates all aspects of the WHL, but nowhere more so than the city council meeting venue that converts to a public meeting room. Knowing that flexibility was the key to this high-use room, Waveguide successfully created a solution whereby both private and public functions benefit from impactful, large-scale imagery. Two of Digital Projection International's high-brightness TITAN 1080p precision projectors serve dedicated applications. The first TITAN displays critical council meeting content on a 10' x 17.8' Draper screen, acting as an easily viewable point of reference for each meeting. A second TITAN projector delivers entertainment-oriented content, as well as public forum materials, in conjunction with a 9' x 16' dropdown screen. Though not intended solely as a dedicated viewing room, the space has hosted numerous film festivals and public screenings due to the image quality and controlled lighting in the venue. 
As most city council meetings are broadcast live, Waveguide selected AV components that were already well-established from a reliability standpoint. David Gales, associate principal and director of Waveguide's California operations, commented, "We wanted a dual-lamp projector solution like the TITAN due to the critical nature of the application. The TITAN's internal design assures us that, if one lamp has an issue, the redundancy of the second lamp allows the meeting to continue without interruption." Gales continued, "Another benefit to the TITAN projectors is the low amount of noise produced while operating. One of the two projectors is installed in an open room, so we wanted a solution that was as quiet as possible while simultaneously driving precise imagery across the room."
Although the WHL was built by the City of West Hollywood, it is operated by the Los Angeles County public library system. Both organizations have been thrilled with the new space, and the building itself has become an architectural icon for the city. The community as a whole has championed the WHL, and the city council now has a permanent location, complete with forward-focused technology that allows for seamless communication with the surrounding community. 
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