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Dukane Improves Connectivity And Communication With Introduction Of Four Networkable Projectors
Posted on Monday, May 24, 2010
Dukane Improves Connectivity And Communication With Introduction Of Four Networkable Projectors


All Four Projectors Include A USB Connection, Two Built-in 8W Speakers
And An HDMI Input –
Dukane continues its commitment to improving system management and
communication with the introduction of several networkable 3LCD projector models. The new
8755K-RJ, 8923H-RJ, 8922H-RJ and 9855H-RJ feature networking technology that
enables users to share data between multiple projectors.
The four new projectors also make it easy to send images from one or more networked
computers. In addition, the messenger function enables users to transmit text data to
any or all projectors on the network. This is an easy and efficient way to send
announcements, such as campus notifications, school activities and daily schedules.
The 8755K-RJ, 8923H-RJ, 8922H-RJ and 8955H-RJ also include new features such
as a USB connection, allowing users to quickly and easily display content from a PC via a
USB cable. Also new to Dukane, the projectors are equipped with a microphone input which,
in conjunction with two built-in 8W speakers, can be used for audio purposes, even when the
projector is in standby mode.
All four projectors feature an HDMI input terminal for receiving digital video signals. By
keeping the signal in the digital domain, the projector delivers high-quality images that are
faithful to the original signal.
The projectors also offer easy maintenance, with features that include a hybrid filter, which
requires less frequent cleaning, making longer operation possible. The lamp door of each
projector is on the top, while the filter cover slides in and out from the front bottom, simplifying
maintenance and replacement of these parts.
The 8755K-RJ, 8923H-RJ, 8922H-RJ and 8955H-RJ are also designed to conserve
energy, as the Power Saving mode found in each projector reduces standby power
consumption to less than 0.5W.