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Key Digital® Introduces The Ultimate Picture-in-Picture Video Processor Featuring Seamless Matrix Switching and Up-Conversion to UHD/4K
Posted on Monday, April 3, 2017

Key Digital® Introduces The Ultimate Picture-in-Picture Video Processor Featuring Seamless Matrix Switching and Up-Conversion to UHD/4K

KD-MLV4x2 Multiview Switcher offers maximum versatility

MOUNT VERNON, NY – February 20, 2017 – The Leaders In Digital Video introduce one of their most feature-rich and versatile presentation products to date, KD-MLV4x2, a cost effective multiview 4 input 2 output video matrix. This matrix supports SD, HD, and VESA input resolutions up to 1080p / 1920x1200 on HDMI and analog video inputs, analog video input ports support VGA / DB15 or component / YPbPr signal types, and outputs independently upscale to Ultra HD/4K in 4K Quadrant mode.

“What makes KD-MLV4x2 superior to similar products from the competition is performance and quality,” said Jonathon Ferry, National Training Manager at Key Digital. “We have analyzed the multiviewer products and found that the competitors are only giving a static quadrant view. On top of that, the feedback of picture quality when in that quadrant mode has been very negative. FOX came to us and were amazed by how legible the text was when in quadrant mode on KD-MLV4x2. They were impressed with our 1080P output resolution and absolutely floored to see our 4K output.”

The KD-MLV4x2 provides Multiview functionality and seamless switching. This allows installers and users to give any large panel or screen video wall functionality. In full screen mode the screen will display any of the eight (four HDMI and four VGA) video sources, in quadrant mode this view is all four video sources in equally sized-quadrants, and in multiview mode the option is to choose a primary video source on the top, bottom, left, or right of the screen while still viewing the additional three sources. In addition to multiview picture-in-picture functionality, KD-MLV4x2 is Key Digital’s first ever seamless switcher with uninterrupted screen transitions during source selections, making it ideal for conferencing and presentation applications where slow video sync time on the room’s projector can lead to user frustration.

The KD-MLV4x2 simplifies 4K multi-view installations by offering maximized versatility all video, audio, and control capabilities needed for the most technical applications including the ability to make custom screen layouts with layering and transparency features. KD-MLV4x2 can be controlled by IR, RS232, IP, or open API, in addition to Key Digital’s control system Compass Control Pro which has the most native interface for that product. Each and every input and output is HDMI or VGA with external analog audio - perfect for digital signage, conferencing applications, classrooms, home-theater, and bar/restaurant needs.

KD-MLV4x2 joins a suite of Key Digital IP enabled products that are now app ready.  The engineers at Key Digital have created a very easy way for installers and users to switch inputs and control Key Digital systems as if you were standing in front of the unit- all from your iOS device.  The Key Digital app can be downloaded free from the App Store.

About Key Digital®

Led by the “Father of DVD”, Mike Tsinberg, Key Digital® is an InfoComm, CEDIA, CES, and NAHB award winning manufacturer of professional distributed video and control system equipment. 

Since 1999, Key Digital has lead the constantly evolving  A/V industry by designing products that deliver industry leading quality, performance, and reliability to corporate, bar & restaurant, digital signage, education, government, and house of worship applications.

Key Digital products are designed and engineered in-house in Mount Vernon, NY.  Superior quality, ease-of-installation, and versatility are the result of strenuous research, development, and testing.  Expertise and unparalleled knowledge have created a unique hardware-software suite solution ideal for the consultants, designers, and installation firms of the A/V industry. Key Digital® is known to deliver best-in-class products based on quality, performance, and reliability.  All Key Digital® products are backed by an industry-leading 10-Year Warranty

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