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AV Solution for every budget
Posted on Monday, February 8, 2010
AV Solution for every budget


8 New TechPod Workstations installed at the Natural Sciences Faculty


In times when the economy is pressing, while "downturn" and "crisis" are becoming common words, AV managers in large education institutions are seeking ways to provide students and the academic staff with new technologies and still stay within budget limitations.

The Natural Sciences Faculty, having more than 30 TechPod Lecterns on Campus chose the new TechPod Workstation.

8 TechPod Workstation's were installed before the semester started, controlling the integrated AV equipment, house sound system, hall lights and the projector screen. All WorkStations were equipped with a wireless microphone, wireless hand-held presenter mouse and a 19" LCD screen, all allowing the presenter to move around the stage.  The WorkStations were set up next to the teachers' tables, or as stand alone, depending on architectural requirements.

Mr. Eyal, managing the tech team installing the units at the NSF remarked "we had an easy in-n'-out job.  Working in the Education market puts our summer on a very tight and busy schedule and that's why we love working with TechPod lecterns, easy installation, pre-wired and pre-configured.  We knew the WorkStations will perform the same.  We provided the NSF the same TechPod technology, with just the same Control Panel, that all lecturers love, in a different cover with the real advantage of a competitive price