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TechPod is Going Green
Posted on Wednesday, March 10, 2010
TechPod is Going Green

Green installation at the Igudan #1 water recycling agency.

"If you talk green, you should act green". This is not only a watchword on the wall for the Igudan AV manager, but also a way of life.
"I was looking for a system that I can schedule an automatic shutdown every night at 9pm, and automatic switch on at 7am. I wanted to save energy, save on projector light bulb and reduce environmental noise effects. Not less important for us, was to have all the equipment in a non-wood furniture. Finding the TechPod was like a wish come true for us".
TechPod automatic shutdown system was once again the key for the good match with this green environmental agency. The Automatic Shutdown System goes into action once the user closes the door or if prescheduled for a specific time. The ASS sends signals to all AV equipment to shutdown properly, usually leaving the ventilation system and PC working for remote IT access.
With all TechPod products the AV equipment is installed in an aluminum case, protecting the equipment form vandalism, and preventing fire dangers. The unique lectern design has a small foot print that can fit any small classroom, and is representative for any large and fancy auditorium.

For more information on this installation please call your local representative or visit Igudan web site.