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Speak to Students in their own language – Speak Technology
Posted on Wednesday, June 9, 2010
Speak to Students in their own language – Speak Technology
 Speak to Students in their own language – Speak Technology.
The LEO BAECK EDUCATION CENTER solution for the light in the eye.
"Our students are all the time concentrated… we change from media to media… from website to presentation, back to a movie, and so on. The students are in a familiar world, this is what they know from home, and this is what they expect to see at school" said Mr. D. Fesler, Director of the Leo Baeck Education Center.
The decision to implant TechPod's in classroom was designed to answer two main needs of the advanced education center. Continuing the center's tradition offering students front line technology, and giving an appropriate answer to teachers complaints on dazzles and headaches from projector light. Leo Baeck decision came after a long time survey on the deferent possibilities and solutions available on the market.
TechPod Workstation (TWS-51) was chosen due to the simple control panel and robust structure suitable for high school and college students. Its convenient price allowed the Education Center to go into a large scale project and refurnish twice the amount of classrooms they planed with the same budget.
"It helps us make the school more relevant, interesting, more attractive and more creative. This technology allows us to speak to our students in their own language", summarizes Mr. Fesler.
You can see a short movie on this installation on YouTube and read about Leo Baeck Education Center at