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TechPod Interactive Multimedia Lecterns installed at HUJI
Posted on Sunday, October 3, 2010
TechPod Interactive Multimedia Lecterns installed at HUJI

The Faculty of Social Sciences has decided to adopt the TechPod Lecterns family solution for its classrooms and lecture halls, after having remarkable experience with more than 60 non-stop working TechPod Lecterns at the HUJI Campus.

TechPod is a breakthrough audio-visual lectern that has every multimedia capability built in.  One simple control panel is used for controlling every AV device, from an LCD projector, PC or document camera to a laptop, VCR and CD/DVD player.


The simple annotation ability on the TechPod Interactive Screen was one of the most important reasons for choosing TechPod solution.  Annotation on any education content, including excel files, websites and even on DVD movies, is a critical need in modern, advanced teaching environment.


The leading University, established in 1925, has been continuously growing, with the addition of new buildings, establishment of new programs, and recruitment of outstanding scholars, researchers and students, in fulfillment of its commitment to excellence.