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An Old Friend and True Friend
Posted on Monday, January 31, 2011
An Old Friend and True Friend

TechPods being used in VC with the University of East Carolina


Zefat Academic College – TechPod Interactive Lecterns in every classroom

In 2005, Zefat Academic College purchased four Tecom TechPods.  They were so happy with their purchase that the CIO, Nessi Otmezgin, wrote us the following letter:
"The multimedia lecterns have significantly improved the quality of lectures on campus because we have more multimedia possibilities with less hassle.  It answers all our professional and pedagogical needs and the staff is incredibly satisfied, especially by the fact it’s so easy to use and they don’t need to spend time training how to use it".

Like many of our satisfied customers the College, was so pleased with the user friendly control panel, the impressive AV features, and the fact that it required little to no maintenance that after undergoing a major renovation, the College, turned to Tecom to install TechPod Interactive Lecterns in EVERY CLASSROOM on campus.

The TechPods have been instrumental in one of the College's major initiatives with the University of East Carolina.  Local professors are giving lectures to students at UEC via video conferencing and it’s the TechPods' great interactive, multimedia features and ability to support all presentation formats that have helped make these lectures more interactive and animated.  No wonder our old friends keep coming back for more