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TechPod Lecterns - A Great Finale for 2010
Posted on Monday, February 28, 2011
TechPod Lecterns - A Great Finale for 2010

Our final job in 2010 was definitely one of the most interesting installations we worked on in Russia

The State Pediatric Medical Academy in St. Petersburg decided to significantly upgrade their Neurosurgical classroom with a complete Tecom solution.

Aspiring to give its students the very best learning experience, the Medical Academy wanted to ensure their classes were of the highest standards. The complete Tecom audio visual solution included installations of a TechPod Interactive and 10 TechPod Workstations for students in a classroom.

What’s so special about this installation is the TechPod feature that allows students the opportunity to work from their seats on a common document, using interactive features.

Now students can enjoy specially designed worktables, built as modules of the TechPod WorkStation and providing interactive displays.


The final result: A unique system that allows faculty to download (via the main lectern) teaching tools, and students to annotate simultaneously using interactive pens, drawing on their desks built in screens. Images appear on the personal display of the main lectern and on each student’s desk, as well as on a large projection screen.

Today each student receives an interactive pen and personalized color. So when a teacher asks a question, a student can mark the answer on his tabletop - automatically sharing it with the rest of the class and having it appear on each of the personal display. The teacher can then discuss the answer; use her own personalized pen to make corrections, or even erase the incorrect annotations, using the interactive pen as an electronic eraser.

Naturally all of our great TechPod features remain, and include: all hardware and software is automatically disabled when the user closes the doors of the lectern. An integrated document camera with a macro function can be used in teaching with pictures, diagrams and three-dimensional objects. Unique control panels make it easy to choose the source for the presentation and manage it, and all, without special training.

By integrating the complete Tecom solution, the Academy was able to offer its students the most modern and sophisticated interactive training classes available.
And we have successfully helped another University empower its students with a new and advanced learning environment.