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College Expands, Chooses TechPod Classroom Lecterns!
Posted on Tuesday, January 31, 2012
College Expands, Chooses TechPod Classroom Lecterns!

The Ashkelon Academic College has recently completed an entire wing expansion.  The new, beautifully designed building has over 45 learning spaces, all were equipped with Tecom's All in One Interactive Lecterns.

The lecture halls, classrooms and computer labs were equipped with TechPod Interactive (TPI-12), a breakthrough audio-visual lectern that has every multimedia capability built in.

One simple control panel is used for controlling every AV device, from an LCD projector, PC or document camera to a laptop and DVD player.

The rooms were equipped with short-throw projectors and a sound system to allow complete interactivity and new, ease to use and comfortable learning environment.


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