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Videotel, Inc. Introduces the new VP71 Industrial Media Player
Posted on Tuesday, July 30, 2013
Videotel, Inc. Introduces the new VP71 Industrial Media Player Videotel's New VP71 is an industrial grade looping digital media player designed for High Definition content for any monitor or screen from an SD card or USB drive.

Videotel, Inc, the leading nationwide provider and manufacturer of industrial and commercial upscaling HD DVD players, announced today the debut of its latest looping media player. The company’s exclusive VP71 is an industrial grade digital media player designed for HD looping content on any monitor or screen with video resolutions from 480p to 1080p. The new player is compact and can easily integrate into any media component, including digital signage, digital engagement and education or other corporate communication initiatives. And with RS232 capability for remote access, the VP71 allows you to update content to multiple locations with the click of a button.

The VP71 automatically loops content loaded on an SD card or included USB drive. Solid-state technology provides crystal clear and sharp picture quality without degradation, regardless of the number of playbacks. The digital player connects to any NTSC, PAL, HDMI or VGA monitor or multimedia POP displays.

“Videotel, Inc. is very excited to introduce the new VP71 player to the industry,” said Lisa Schneider, vice president of business development and market strategy. “With its compact construction and long-term durability, we believe the player will be extremely beneficial in any vertical market, including retail, hospitality, museums and tradeshows. And because it’s proven to run seamlessly 24/7, it’s the perfect solution for transit, healthcare and shopping center advertising, digital menu boards and company showrooms.”

The VP71 is the newest digital player in an already successful portfolio of industrial video products manufactured by Videotel. Based in San Diego, Calif., the company has over 32 years of market experience when developing next generation, unique and simple industrial digital products and solutions. The VP71 is no exception in illustrating incomparable quality and reliability. Like its predecessors, the new digital player features auto start, auto play and auto repeat, even in the event of a power loss, without manual interaction.

For more information on the new VP71, Interplay Controls, or any other of our high quality industrial DVD players, visit the Videotel, Inc.'s website at http://www.industrial-dvd.com, or call us at (800) 670-4412.

About Videotel, Inc.

Videotel is the leading nationwide provider and manufacturer of Industrial and Commercial Upscaling HD DVD players, multimedia and audio players for digital signage and video content. Videotel is based in San Diego, CA with over 32 years of market experience in developing next generation unique and simple industrial digital products and solutions. To learn more about Videotel Digital, visit http://www.industrial-dvd.com.

For more information about this topic, contact Lisa Schneider at 619.670.4412, or via e-mail at lisa(at)industrial-dvd(dot)com.
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