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ViewSonic Invests in Metaverse for Education
Posted on Tuesday, June 21, 2022
ViewSonic Invests in Metaverse for Education

UNIVERSE by ViewSonic Beta Platform to be Showcased at ISTE 2022

NEW ORLEANS – ISTE 2022 Booth #648 – (June 21, 2022) – ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solutions, will be showcasing  its latest EdTech solution, UNIVERSE by ViewSonic to the ISTELive 22 EdTech Conference in New Orleans, LA, June 27-29, 2022. The beta version of UNIVERSE by ViewSonic will demo an immersive 3D virtual environment. It will facilitate interactive experiences which drive engagement, enhance collaboration, and foster a sense of belonging.

UNIVERSE by ViewSonic is a captivating and engaging 3D platform designed with virtual spaces like classrooms, lecture halls and collaborative spaces. Students have the chance to express themselves through avatars, which can be personalized. Intuitive controls allow them to navigate around the "campus" and communicate with fellow students in the same class or across the globe.

"The pandemic has changed the education landscape, and we've seen how digital innovation and technology has helped support teachers and students during this time," said Kevin Chu, director of the UNIVERSE Business Unit at ViewSonic. "We created this immersive learning platform so that the education community can teach and learn creatively and without limitations. We're showing the beta version of UNIVERSE by ViewSonic to highlight what educators can do outside of traditional structures."

UNIVERSE by ViewSonic beta

Drive Engagement

  • Promote interaction and Peer Learning; Engage via open discussion or break-out groups of up to 4 students
  • Text and emojis for non-audio/vocal communications
  • Spatial Audio: simulates true-to-life sound and volume according to the distance between avatars.
  • For example, a classmate standing at the virtual whiteboard would sound "farther away" compared to a student avatar seated next to the user.

Enhance Collaboration:

  • Interactive tools including screen-sharing, pop quizzes and built-in web browsing
  • Works with the myViewBoard® ecosystem
  • In-class tools include hand raising, random name generator for participation and reward points which students can redeem for virtual items

Simplify Management:

  • Access to UNIVERSE is limited to registered students and teachers
  • Teachers can track interactivity and levels of engagement in classrooms and breakout rooms and restrict avatar movement during focus periods
  • Can utilize existing Learning Management Systems [LMS] to schedule classes and import information and files
  • Quizzes and polls are available to increase interactivity and encourage engagement
  • Dashboard offers reporting and monitoring of attendance rates and attention measurement
  • UNIVERSE by ViewSonic can be run on PC desktops, laptops, and iOS tablets with a stable internet and requires only 500Kbps per connection.