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ViewSonic Announces Top 100 Winners of 2022 ColorPro Award
Posted on Tuesday, November 8, 2022
ViewSonic Announces Top 100 Winners of 2022 ColorPro Award

Brea, California (November 8, 2022) – ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solutions, announces the Top 100 winners in the photography category in the 2022 ColorPro Award Contest. Aside from photographs, the Top 10 creatives from the new sub-category "Digital Art" have also been selected. Artists from 139 countries submitted a total of 11,165 artworks with this year's theme - "Breakthrough." This amount is five times more entries than the competition received in its initial year in 2020. The distinctive and extraordinary artworks will be premiered in London in late November. 

"Breakthroughs can come in many forms, especially in the arts. We are excited to have received so many entries this year. With fast-growing entries and countries participating, we saw much more diversity in the artworks than we did in last year's competition," said Oscar Lin, General Manager of the Monitor Business Unit at ViewSonic. "The ColorPro Award is more than a competition, it's an opportunity for creative minds around the world to inspire each other and push through the limits for new possibilities. By continuing to advance our visual technologies and working with our partners, we hope to uplift and empower this community of artists." 

"Breakthrough" is a natural evolution from last year's theme, "New adventure." As the world seeks full recovery from the pandemic, "Breakthrough" represents an act of overcoming an obstacle and permission for further progress. There are two times more submissions and three times more countries participating in the contest. The result itself is a great embodiment of a breakthrough.  

India ranks first overall in the number of submissions, followed by the USA, Turkey, the UK, and France. The winning photos offered a wide range of perspectives on the theme, from street photography to the natural landscape, and from human portraits to wildlife scenarios. This year, the ColorPro Award goes beyond a photography contest to a celebration of free expression and unrestricted creativeness with the new digital art category. Digital art showed striking visuals using innovative tools to create AI-generated cartoons and surrealistic compositions. 

The mixed panel of fourteen judges including popular visual creators Alice Greenfield, Ron Timehin, Luke Jackson-Clark, and professionals from ViewSonic, SHOOTERS, Calibrite, Shoot The Frame, and OneOffs handpicked winning photography digital art winners based on criteria such as originality, storytelling, technical execution, and composition. ViewSonic will be hosting two award ceremonies and exhibitions to showcase these winning artworks in London, the United Kingdom from Nov.24th to Nov.27th, and in Taipei, Taiwan from Dec.9th to Dec.11th. 

For more details on the 2022 ColorPro Award, please visit the contest website; to access the Top 100 artworks, please click here. The contest is hosted by ViewSonic ColorPro and co-hosted by SHOOTERS?CAPTURE ONE? PANTONE®  Calibrite and Shoot The Frame.