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ViewSonic’s Projection Technology Revives Historical District at International Festival of Arts
Posted on Wednesday, December 21, 2022
ViewSonic’s Projection Technology Revives Historical District at International Festival of Arts

Brea, California (December 21, 2022) – ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solutions, partnered with the 2022 Tua-Tiu-Tiann (Dadaocheng) International Festival of Arts (TTTIFA), to showcase and develop local art and culture at the historical landmarks. To satisfy various formats of more than 50 indoor and outdoor pop-up lectures, exhibitions, and performances, the festival used ViewSonic's advanced projector solutions to set up quickly and flexibly, creating an immersive experience to take visitors back to the 1920s (event video).

"Since 2015, we have hosted nearly a hundred events, from literature to art, drama, and music, in the Dadaocheng Historic District, drawing widespread attention both in Taiwan and overseas. Combining the festival with innovative technology is a starting point to integrate the old with the new, fostering new cultural movements in Taiwan," said Hsiao-Wen Lin, Director of the festival.

"ViewSonic is committed to using technology to facilitate new kinds of art creation with curators and artists worldwide. With the exhibition content becoming more diverse, a high degree of flexibility is the key to supporting curators to overcome challenges in time and space," said Dean Tsai, General Manager of Projector & LED Display Business Unit at ViewSonic. "We are very thrilled to be a part of this festival. With our projection solutions, not only are curators able to set up the different spaces with utmost efficiency, but they are also able to bring a more immersive viewing experience for the visitors. These all came together to give greater possibilities to the exhibition industry."

Fast and Easy Set Up for 50 Pop-up Lectures

Using only 8 ViewSonic laser projectors, over 50 pop-up lectures were held in different artistic formats and spaces at the festival. The curators relied on the projectors' quick setups to switch between different kinds of lecture formats and venues. In less than 10 minutes, they were able to set up and deliver engaging performances for the visitors of the festival.

"In this era of information overload, audiences absorb an immense amount of knowledge in a short period. Hence, "pop-up" has become a widely embraced concept," said Yiwen Tseng, Curator of the Pop-up for Pop Speculative Design Flash Mob Project, from the studio Design for Design. "Using ViewSonic's projectors has allowed us to break through the limitations of space. We were able to quickly move from one location to another, enabling artists to easily create exciting performances."

In a cross-disciplinary dance and technology lecture, the dancer's movements were fused with the dynamic lights from the high brightness laser projector (LS921WU), forming exceptional and magical images with their shadows on the wall. At another lecture, the artist used an ultra short throw laser projector (LS831WU) to project 100-inch super-large images in a small space. The exceptional color performance of the projectors also delivered crisp and vivid lecture content, establishing a more engaging environment.

For outdoor lectures, artists from Japan and Portugal used ViewSonic's laser projectors to conduct remote live-streaming speeches on the terrace walls of the Western-style corridors in Dadaocheng. The high brightness of the projectors ensured that visuals remained clear even in broad daylight. The clarity of the images made it look as if the speakers who joined online were right at the event with the audience.

Fully Immersive Environment with Exceptional Audiovisuals

ViewSonic's smart LED portable projectors turned foyers and rooms of a B&B hotel into a space for art exhibitions. Enlarged artworks were projected onto the walls and the combination of artwork and lively music from the projector's built-in Harman Kardon speakers invited the audience to linger and interact with the space.

In addition, a violin and singing bowl performance also utilized ViewSonic's projection technology, it simultaneously showed the vastness of the universe and simulated a return to a world of silence. The projections relaxed the viewers in a serene immersive setting, letting them enjoy an innovative cultural live performance.

About Dadaocheng District/Tua-Tiu-Tiann

Located next to the Tamsui River, Dadaocheng District was an important trading port in the 19th century in Taipei, Taiwan. Today, this district is still an important historical site, attracting thousands of people every year to visit.