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ViewSonic Reveals Empowering Workspace Solutions for Businesses
Posted on Friday, March 24, 2023

Brea, California  (March 24, 2023) – In the post-pandemic era, many corporations are reassessing their workspaces to overcome new challenges. To support businesses in this transformation, ViewSonic Corp, a global leader in visual solutions, is committed to empowering businesses with comprehensive workspace solutions that improve operational efficiency and foster employee experience.

ViewSonic's workspace solutions include a range of business monitors designed to improve individual productivity, whether working in the office, remotely, or in a hybrid setting. In addition, ViewBoard interactive displays in different sizes are designed for better collaboration, while projectors with high brightness and flexibility can be used for dynamic presentations, transforming any corner of the office into a communication space that brings more inspiration.

Unlocking Individual Productivity

The VG Series business monitors are designed to meet the requirements of different professionals who work either in an office or remotely. The VG Series, with a USB-C one-cable connection, allows employees to set up the second display quickly. For those who need to multitask, an ultra-wide 21:9 panel can support them in checking different documents on the same display. Also, the advanced video-conferencing features bring high-quality communication to employees who work remotely. For mobile workers, ViewSonic even provides a series of portable monitors that maintain their productivity anywhere.

Moreover, the ColorPro VP Series monitors give creative professionals the ability to manage multithreaded workflows and achieve true-to-life color accuracy. Additionally, companies can promote work-life balance by offering employees with break areas featuring the ELITE XG and Omni VX monitors.

Transforming Team Collaboration

ViewSonic's ViewBoard interactive displays are purposefully crafted to match a multitude of collaboration scenarios, ranging in size from 24" to 105" to fit any room, whether it's a brainstorming huddle space, a group meeting, or a multi-purpose room. If it’s required by larger group or space, businesses can take delight in ultra-large All-in-One LED displays that measure from 108" to 216".

To further enhance hybrid meetings, ViewBoards work well with an AI-powered webcam for high-quality video conferencing capabilities. Along with the software myViewBoard, teams can wirelessly cast their content onto the ViewBoard from their devices for easier sharing across offices and countries.

Creating Immersive Space for Every Corner

Beyond monitors and large format displays, ViewSonic also has a full lineup of projectors that can transform every corner of the workspace into a communication space, providing more immersive experiences in public areas, elevators, receptions, or other areas in the office. The projectors are equipped with flexible 360-degree projection that can be rotated and cast freely at any angle.  

The M Series projectors feature extremely portable designs ideal for impromptu presentations. Plus, the photorealistic picture quality and high-fidelity sound are tailored to boost engagement, while the LS Series projectors provide a more sustainable option in workspaces by using the latest LED and laser technology and delivering maximum brightness while consuming less energy compared to traditional lamp-based projectors.