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ViewSonic and Pantone® Enhance Color Calibration and Optimize Creative Workflows with the ColorPro Wheel
Posted on Wednesday, July 19, 2023
ViewSonic and Pantone® Enhance Color Calibration and Optimize Creative Workflows with the ColorPro Wheel

ViewSonic and Pantone® Enhance Color Calibration and Optimize Creative Workflows with the ColorPro Wheel – An Innovative Multi-Functional Color Calibrator

Brea, California (July 19, 2023) – ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solutions, unveils the next generation of ColorPro Wheel – an innovative multi-functional color calibrator. Bundled with the VP2776 and VP2786-4K Professional Monitors, the ColorPro Wheel's color calibration and OSD control features are complemented by integrated access to Pantone's digital libraries with hotkey control of compatible creative editing software. This harmonization of hardware and software provides ultimate color control and empowers seamless creative workflows for professionals. 

"Precise color management is of utmost importance to creators and therefore remains a top priority for ColorPro, our professional monitor solutions," said Oscar Lin, General Manager of the Monitor Business Unit at ViewSonic. "We are delighted to further strengthen our partnership with Pantone, providing creators with the freedom and convenience of accessing digital color data to elevate their creative endeavors. The updated ColorPro Wheel empowers creators to achieve unparalleled color excellence and enhance their workflows through its human-centered design." 

"ViewSonic has taken Pantone colors to the next level by providing their customers easy access to Pantone libraries while assuring these colors are represented faithfully on their Pantone Validated displays." explained Iain Pike, Senior Global Director of Product and Licensing at Pantone. "Through our collaboration, ViewSonic delivers a seamless and comprehensive solution that addresses the evolving color needs of creators, providing them with innovative tools to achieve color authenticity. We're thrilled to continue our journey with ViewSonic to deliver an elevated color experience for their ColorPro customers." 

Taking the color experience to the next level  

The ColorPro Wheel easily connects with ColorPro Sense, an exclusive color picker software that can access the most recent Pantone libraries, offering a creative choice of multiple alternative palette suggestions. It also enables effortless identification of the closest Pantone color of the ColorPro Wheel's detected colors. In addition to offering color palette suggestions, ColorPro Sense fosters effective collaboration by allowing easy sharing of palettes between creators, therefore ensuring unified visual aesthetics throughout the creative process. With ColorPro Sense, an interior designer can use photographs of a specific fabric to easily pinpoint its Pantone color code, which can then be shared with a furniture maker for true-to-life reproduction. 

The ColorPro Integrate software extends the ColorPro Wheel's functionalities beyond just color calibration, empowering creators to edit their photos and video projects with ease. With a simple click and spin, creatives can seamlessly navigate the tools and interface of their favorite creative applications, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere and Capture One. By using the ColorPro Wheel for brush size, opacity, brightness level and other adjustments, ColorPro Integrate boosts the productivity of creatives to meet tight deadlines. 

Color accuracy and OSD control enhance creative workflows  

Creative work requires absolute color precision. The ColorPro Wheel attaches to the monitor to effortlessly calibrate the screen, ensuring its color accuracy. With the ability to save color profiles, the ColorPro Wheel maintains the color accuracy of monitors over an extended duration. This assures creative professionals that their work is presented in its truest form. 

The ColorPro Wheel gives creators convenient access to their monitor's OSD settings with an effortless click and turn. Whether adjusting the screen's color, contrast, brightness and resolution, or switching the input mode, the ColorPro Wheel's intuitive control enhances creative workflows. This quick access is particularly useful for borderless monitors, as their smaller bezels make OSD control buttons difficult to reach. 

With utmost color accuracy, OSD control, and seamless creative software integration, the ColorPro Wheel is a must-have device that advances creative workflows to the next level. Completing the ColorPro experience, the ColorPro Wheel is available as an accessory bundled with the VP2776 and VP2786-4K Professional Monitors.  

To access the complete suite of ColorPro Wheel creative software, download via