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ViewSonic Celebrates 20th Anniversary of R&D Center in Taiwan
Posted on Wednesday, November 8, 2023
ViewSonic Celebrates 20th Anniversary of R&D Center in Taiwan

(November 8, 2023)—ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual and EdTech solutions, commemorates the 20th anniversary of its R&D Center in Taiwan. Established in 2003 to harness Taiwan's abundant technological R&D capabilities and supply chain resources, it serves as the engine for ViewSonic's innovation in visual solutions. Since its inception, the center has expanded tenfold, reaching a scale of 600 people. The expansions continue, with the center recently fortifying its technological capabilities by establishing an AI R&D team.

Over the years, the R&D Center has facilitated collaborative efforts with Taiwanese technology and supply chain partners, accelerating ViewSonic's development of industry-leading display technology. This expansion includes venturing into new vertical application areas and diversifying product lines to include projectors, interactive displays, commercial displays, and pen displays. These efforts have resulted in the launch of numerous worldwide first-of-their-kind products.

ViewSonic's COO, Bonny Cheng, emphasizes the strategic advantages of locating ViewSonic's R&D Center in Taiwan, "By having an R&D center here in Taiwan, we not only leverage the enormous talent base in this country but also closely collaborate with supply chain partners to better align with customer needs and continuously launch products that meet market demand at an industry-leading speed. Our goal is to create a world-class working environment, allowing Taiwan's R&D talent to shine on the international stage, showcasing Taiwan's innovative capabilities, and establishing 'Designed in Taiwan' as a benchmark for innovative and high-quality visual and education technology solutions."

Continuous R&D Investment: Advancing EdTech and Smart Office with AI

In response to the ever-evolving technological landscape, ViewSonic's Taiwan R&D Center strategically expanded its capabilities from display hardware development, establishing its first software R&D team in 2016. This pivotal moment marked ViewSonic's entry into the educational technology market and its gradual transformation into a solutions provider.

Bonny Cheng explains, "To truly promote the digital transformation of the education industry, hardware is just the foundation. The key lies in user-friendly and feature-rich software and educational content. Our software engineers visited schools to understand the teaching challenges firsthand. They then started crafting solutions specifically designed to tackle these pain points." In 2018, the software team launched ViewSonic's first self-developed software, myViewBoard, designed specifically for interactive teaching and collaboration. Remarkably, this software has now exceeded ten million registered users worldwide.

This strategic diversification of capabilities continues as ViewSonic invests in research and development, with 2023 marking the inauguration of ViewSonic's AI R&D team. This dynamic team collaborates with industry partners to integrate software, hardware, and services with artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, aiming to drive innovation across the business and education sectors.

Clifford Chen, General Manager of the Presentation Group at ViewSonic, said, "In the first half of this year, our AI R&D team combined computer vision technology with IoT sensors to monitor students' learning progress within the classroom. We integrated this data with a remote management system, enabling schools to access more convenient, real-time insight into students' engagement and learning quality. Simultaneously, we are incorporating generative AI into educational software to enhance teachers' efficiency and their ability to create personalized plans for students. These efforts elevate teaching quality and improve learning outcomes. In addition to continuous advancements in educational technology, we are also addressing the trend of smart offices. By leveraging machine learning and language modeling technologies, we are developing new software solutions to enhance meeting efficiency and foster team collaboration."

EdTech for CSR: Enhancing Local Government and Educational Institution Partnerships

Demonstrating a commitment to philanthropy, ViewSonic actively addresses resource disparities, supports the underprivileged, and promotes art and culture, fulfilling its role as a responsible global citizen. In Taiwan, education is one of the top priorities for ViewSonic's CSR endeavor. The company established the ViewSonic College in Taiwan in 2022. Focusing on teacher training, curriculum development, and creating conducive learning environments, ViewSonic College integrates technology development internally. Externally, it collaborates with partners and users, leveraging firsthand classroom observations to advance technological development and make a positive social impact.

During the pandemic, the company responded with the 'Learning Never Stops!' Livestream, enhancing teachers' distance teaching proficiency by providing a platform to share experiences and knowledge about digital teaching tools. Discussions included topics such as interacting with students in different age groups and conducting synchronous teaching via video calling platforms. Following the pandemic, ViewSonic launched the 'Online and Physical Hybrid Teaching Upgrade for Taiwan' program, cultivating connections with the government, schools, teachers, and industry partners to bridge the digital divide, support education in rural areas, and aid special education.

Continuing to lead the charge in Taiwan's education transformation, ViewSonic has established a vibrant teaching community and hosted innovative teaching competitions, inviting teachers from across Taiwan to engage, interact, and explore new possibilities together. Moreover, the ViewSonic Professional Development Program empowers educators with advanced digital teaching skills, offering them the opportunity to attain the 'Global Educator Certification.' These programs extend to 22 county and city governments, covering 4,051 of Taiwan's junior and senior high schools and universities.

Looking ahead, ViewSonic remains dedicated to expanding its R&D and investment in educational technology, contributing to social welfare initiatives, and transforming Taiwan's educational landscape.