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ViewSonic Introduces a Sustainable Display Management Ecosystem to New Rickstones Academy and AET
Posted on Thursday, December 21, 2023
ViewSonic Introduces a Sustainable Display Management Ecosystem to New Rickstones Academy and AET

Providing a Comprehensive and Efficient Solution for Remotely Managing School Displays

Brea, California (21 December, 2023) – ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solutions, has partnered with New Rickstones Academy in Essex, England, and Academy Enterprise Trust (AET) to leverage ViewSonic Education Solutions to produce a 360-degree solution for enhancing classroom engagement and device management. Signifying an innovative approach to digital transformation, this collaboration utilizes the robust capabilities of myViewBoard Manager Advanced to achieve centralized remote control of campus devices. This effectively streamlines workflows and campus communication while driving energy savings for the trust.

"ViewSonic is committed to providing a comprehensive Education Ecosystem that not only improves learning outcomes and achievements but also implements sustainable solutions and products," said Clifford Chen, the General Manager of the Presentation Group at ViewSonic. "Our partnership with New Rickstones Academy and AET has realized our commitment to delivering a wraparound solution that empowers schools, teachers, and IT administrators to streamline their workload and communication, optimize resource allocation, and minimize energy consumption, creating a sustainable learning environment."

The Academy Enterprise Trust (AET), of which New Rickstones Academy is a part, oversees 57 schools across the United Kingdom and has implemented various interactive displays across its sites. While these technological upgrades have undoubtedly enriched the educational landscape, the extensive task of overseeing numerous devices across multiple locations has introduced notable complexity and time constraints for IT administrators. Furthermore, the absence of remote monitoring and updating tools has exacerbated the challenges associated with managing the trust’s IT infrastructure.

Enhanced Efficiency with myViewBoard Manager Advanced

In pursuit of an optimal solution, AET forged a strategic alliance with ViewSonic to fortify its digital transformation efforts. The integrated solution encompasses ViewBoard interactive displays and myViewBoard software, including the cloud-based myViewBoard Manager Advanced device management platform, as well as the requisite training and support.

"The Trust is currently on a digital journey as we aim to migrate all our software to promote an eco-friendly environment," says Ben Moore, AET Technology Support Officer. "We use Manager Advanced in all our schools to schedule the displays’ startup and shutdown every day, assigning profiles to devices, and digital signage across our Trust. During the trials, we observed that the ease of use was a standout feature. This is vital in classrooms as teachers want a reliable, user-friendly system, and ViewSonic has delivered that for us."

Prior to the partnership, the trust’s IT administrators had to undertake the intricate and time-intensive process of manually updating the firmware for each device. Now, with the implementation of Manager Advanced, administrators can efficiently monitor device information, optimize tool usage, and update the firmware of every display seamlessly through a single web dashboard.

Manager Advanced's precise scheduling features seamlessly coordinate the daily startup and shutdown of AET’s interactive displays, enabling centralized control for efficient device management and promoting energy conservation in the trust’s schools. Its user-friendly QR code sign-in function grants teachers quick access, minimizing setup disruptions and allowing lessons to start almost instantly.

Thanks to its robust centralized management capabilities, Manager Advanced facilitates swift and effective communication across the entire campus. For instance, IT administrators can send text messages or multimedia content—such as videos, images, and web pages—to campus displays using the single web dashboard. This ensures that teachers and students are always up-to-date with essential information.

Beyond integrating the ViewSonic Education Ecosystem's hardware and software solutions, the trust's IT admins benefit from comprehensive after-care support and ongoing training provided by ViewSonic. This dedicated support goes beyond technical assistance, actively collaborating with the trust to design classroom spaces that maximize the potential of EdTech. Through this collaborative approach, ViewSonic empowers educators to unlock the full potential of technology, fostering a dynamic and engaging learning environment where students thrive.

For detailed insights into the digital transformation at New Rickstones Academy and AET, delve into the comprehensive case study video.

About New Rickstones Academy and AET

New Rickstones Academy is situated in Witham, Essex, and is part of Academy Enterprise Trust (AET). Established in 2008, AET is a national multi-academy trust, with over 33,000 students across 57 primary, secondary, and special schools.