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ViewSonic Empowers Education and Rebuilds Hope in Earthquake-Affected Turkey-Syria Border
Posted on Tuesday, February 6, 2024
ViewSonic Empowers Education and Rebuilds Hope in Earthquake-Affected Turkey-Syria Border

(February 6, 2024) – Marking the one-year anniversary of the devastating 2023 Turkey-Syria earthquakes, ViewSonic Corp., a global leader in visual and EdTech solutions, continues its efforts to rebuild hope and improve access to education for children in the affected regions. In collaboration with the Taiwan-Reyhanli Centre, ViewSonic's focus is on enhancing the learning environment for children facing extraordinary challenges.

ViewSonic has crafted its education solutions to foster digital equity among students from diverse backgrounds. Classrooms equipped with ViewBoard interactive displays have been designed to provide engaging and interactive learning experiences. These are ideal for language learning, hybrid education, and more - essential for nurturing the minds and spirits of children in conflict-affected areas. "Our goal is to empower local educators, providing them with the tools they need to offer quality education," said Bonny Cheng, COO at ViewSonic. "Through our technology and support, we aim to bring a ray of hope to these communities, sustaining education for children affected by civil war and natural disasters."

Hisham Al-Jawwash, a teacher at the border who aids Syrian refugees and has dedicated 25 years to teaching Arabic, shared, "ViewSonic's support is more than just technology; it's a lifeline for our children. It helps them continue their education and connects them with their cultural roots, which is vital for their identity and integration in new lands."

ViewSonic's support extends beyond the classroom, weaving cultural exchange, social interactions, and entertainment into the fabric of everyday life. Designed to empower women in the community, meeting and workshop rooms are being developed at the Taiwan-Reyhanli Centre. These spaces facilitate active participation in educational and social activities, reinforcing a belief in inclusive community development.

Additionally, recognizing the need for leisure and socializing opportunities, the outdoor cinema was established with ViewSonic's laser projectors. The venue will enhance community evening events, offering a welcome respite and a chance for locals to come together, fostering a sense of normalcy and community spirit.

Through these initiatives, ViewSonic demonstrates its dedication not only to sustaining educational access for children affected by civil war and natural disasters but also to enriching the broader community life. This commitment is a testament to ViewSonic's mission to make a meaningful impact on the world, particularly in areas most in need of support.

About the Taiwan - Reyhanli Centre for World Citizens

Since 2016, Dr. Chen-Yu Chiu, the Founding Director and Principal Architect of the Taiwan-Reyhanli Centre for World Citizens, has dedicated his voluntary efforts to establishing a cooperative community that transcends nationality, aiming to foster individual improvement and promote equality. The 52-unit space is planned to encompass offices, classrooms, shops, cafes, art studios, showrooms, children's play areas, and mosques. Furthermore, the development includes a cultural and creative design center along with the construction of a factory. This factory will support local traditional handicrafts, producing unique products infused with the border area's culture to provide income for Reyhanli's Turkish citizens and Syrian refugees. To find out more about Reyhanli Centre, please visit