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Visix Supports TransLoc Transit Visualization Systems
Posted on Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Visix, Inc. software applications now support the popular Transit Visualization
System by TransLoc Inc, which is used by a number of university and college campuses in North America. The TransLoc Transit Visualization System (TVS™) is a next generation passenger information system that offers riders a safe, comfortable, and convenient wait for the bus by not only showing riders the real-time location of any given bus on campus, but actually showing that vehicle moving online. Riders typically access the transit application on the web, via a mobile device, or at a bus stop. Visix is pairing TransLoc TVS with their AxisTV digital signage software to allow colleges and universities to display the transit information in concert with other digital signage content such as announcements, weather, news and alerts.

“Transit riders want to know where their bus is and whether they have time to grab a cup of coffee or run an errand before it arrives. Visix provides yet another way for TransLoc TVS clients to access the real-time information that we provide and integrates it with other content that is relevant to them,” said Josh Cohen, Director of Business Development for TransLoc.

“Once again, we are responding to the needs of our install base,” stated Trey Hicks, Vice President of Sales with Visix. “There is much more to effective visual communication than static announcements. Integration with databases and peripheral applications that generate real-time information like video streams, transit and data visualizations is key to keeping audiences updated and informed.”

About Visix
Visix, Inc. designs, develops and supports a suite of software applications that allow users to create, import and manage their visual communications from anywhere and to deliver those messages to virtually any endpoint.

The company offers digital signage software, room and event scheduling solutions, and applications for targeted messaging to desktops and portable devices. Each of the products works independently or can be integrated into scalable deployments from a single display to large networks. This comprehensive approach to on-time communications – from concept to delivery – provides systems including software, hardware and distribution accessories, as well as multi-tier service and support options to manage and maintain dynamic visual communications.

Contact Visix at 800.572.4935 or salesteam@visix.com. Parties interested in additional information about Visix, AxisTV, MeetingMinder™, and targeted visual communications products should visit the Visix website at www.visix.com.

About TransLoc
TransLoc specializes in the collection and presentation of real-time transit information. Their technology continuously displays the location of vehicles and animates their motion against a detailed map of recognizable buildings and landmarks. TransLoc is helping transit riders save time, stay safe and have more control over their schedules while
enabling transit administrators to manage their fleets with unprecedented clarity.

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