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At Williams AV, we aim to empower connections by eliminating communication barriers. As a leader in the Pro AV industry for more than 45 years, we continuously redefine audio accessibility, promote cross-language communication, and foster seamless communication. Our mission is to provide organizations with the solutions and support they need to create inclusive environments.

Model: DLT 400-ACM

The Digi-Wave Advanced Comms Module (ACM) Transceiver is the ultimate fully portable, two-way communication intercom solution for many different settings such as broadcast, theater, and live events.
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Williams Sound expands global distribution footprint
Posted on Thursday, May 1, 2014

Eden Prairie, Minn. – Williams Sound is proud to announce the appointment of three new European and Asian distributors -- Prase Engineering (Italy), Scandec Systemer (Norway) and Brullov Consulting (Russia). Each will offer Williams Sound’s full line of wireless communication technology -- digital, FM, infrared and loop -- for global commercial markets, including language interpretation, tour, education, government and house of worship.

“The global need for assistive listening systems is growing quickly,” says Doreen Ingebrigtsen, Vice President of International Sales for Williams Sound. “And we are on track to collaborate with a number of new and highly regarded distributors around the world in 2014. We are excited to work with these professionals, to offer the Williams Sound brand for both hearing assistance solutions and interpretation.”

Knut Børke, owner and director of Scandec Systemer, notes, "Williams Sound has become one of the strongest assistive listening system providers in America and is moving rapidly along that course globally. Scandec is excited to be a part of that growth. We clearly expect to see great opportunities evolve in Norway -- not only from the unique and versatile Digi-Wave systems, but also from the infrared equipment that offers many of the solutions needed in education and corporate markets. We look forward to an exciting 2014!”

Adds Ennio Prase, CEO of Prase Engineering, “The key to our market success is understanding our customers’ needs and then providing them with knowledge and support they need. We’re quite pleased to be working with Williams Sound. Their products complement our other product lines well and will help us provide complete solutions for our customers here in Italy.”

Williams Sound is a global designer and manufacturer of wireless communication technology, serving personal and professional listening needs worldwide since 1976. Williams Sound offers products and service for such commercial markets as hearing assistance, language interpretation, tour, corporate, education, government and house of worship. These products include DIGI-LOOP Induction Loop Systems, Digi-Wave™ Digital Communication Systems, Personal PA® FM Listening Systems, Portable Hearing Assistance Tour Guide Systems, SoundPlus® Infrared Systems and 863 MHz FM Listening Systems.


Prase Engineering provides more than 20 years of distributor expertise for the professional audiovisual systems, with a knowledgeable technical staff that provides “value add” and systems support.
Ph: +39 0421 571 411
Fax: +39 0421 571 480

Established in 1984, Scandec Systemer is a market leader in professional sound systems in Norway and provides a high level of expertise in the field of product, system, application and technology.
Ph: +47 66812700
Fax: +47 66812701


Brullov Consulting is a distributor and system integrator located in Moscow. Brullov has been successfully distributing and implementing turnkey integrated products since 2006.
Ph: +74957812307
Fax: +74957812307