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Top reasons for using an Industrial DVD Player for Digital Engagement
Posted on Friday, August 16, 2013
Top reasons for using an Industrial DVD Player for Digital Engagement Videotel, Inc.
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Top reasons you should consider using an Industrial DVD Player for Digital Engagement Videotel, Inc.

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Considering a Looping Industrial DVD Player for Digital Signage, Digital Engagement or Digital Education in your industry? Here’s why it might be a smart idea. Videotel, Inc.

Have you ever wondered why you mightimplement an Industrial DVD player for Digital Signage in a Hospital or Healthcare Facility? Not only is it highly affordable, it is quite simple to integrate into your existing infrastructure.

No other medium makes it so affordable to create calm ambiance, deliver compelling content, to inform, educate, and alert your patients and visitors while improving business processes for your staff.

“Children watch 3 times more television while in the hospital than they do at home. So, having family friendly content or familiar movies is critical for patient comfort & satisfaction.” Mark Schneider, Vice President of Videotel, Inc.

A window into the treatment room.

Believe it or not, the Healthcare industry is quickly adopting digital engagement with DVD players. Industrial DVD Players are chosen for the affordable price, ease of use, and the relia bility for rugged use.
Moreover, they are simple to deploy and implementation is as easy as right out of the box.
Industrial DVD players are easily integrated into existing infrastructures and seamlessly connect to most pillow speakers with a custom cable that allows for the patient to interact without requiring a nurse call.

Keep it simple. Cost Effective.


Invest in the right Industrial DVD Player. Don’t waste cash on electronics your not going to implement. Spend money on cost effective, simple solutions. When selecting a truly Industrial DVD player be sure to ask specific questions about the product. For example, what makes the design considered to be classified commercial grade? Is it made with premium parts? What is the lifespan of the player itself? Or in what way is the player unique? Does it have the functionality to auto start, auto play, auto repeat, and auto loop without manual interaction? Is it UL Approved and Annex Q compliant for use in Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities? All of these questions should be asked up front and early in your decision making process.


DVD players built in to a TV Screen or Monitor combination are not as robust as a stand alone Industrial DVD Player. In fact, the all in one TV/DVD player does not include a truly industrial DVD player. Thesebuilt in DVD players have inefficient drive assemblies making them more prone to jam or break or fail from aggressive loading of discs. Should the DVD player fail, the entire TV Screen/DVD player combination must be replaced which can become very expensive in the long run.

In addition, built in DVD players do not have the functionality to auto start, auto play and auto repeat and loop without manual interaction. Reports have shown that even the largest household names TV brands do not have a seamless “looping” functionality. They also do not skip menus and previews embedded in DVD content. This is essential to insure minimal employee technical issues such as “fast forwarding” to your patient’s content.


To popular belief, DVD's will be around for a highly extended period of time. In fact, 92% of households have a DVD player and on average have a total of 45 DVD's in a single collection.For example, should you have a family member need to visit a hospital unexpectedly, especially a child, you may want to bring familiar movies to keep them company. The DVD player is a simple common technology with the lowest level of main tenance and the highest familiarity in the market today.

An Industrial DVD Player

If your facility is looking to upgrade display technologies in patient rooms or clinical settings to hospital grade DVD players or to add displays for digital signage and other applications in common areas. Here are some of the specific attributes you should consider:

Low Failure Rates:

For devices like these and to a bored patient who’s not feeling well, having something entertaining to watch is a critical issue and reliability is a big deal. Although some hospital grade DVD players have failure rates as high as 90% per year, a truly industrial DVD player will have the lowest failure rate at 2%-5% per year.

Long Life cycle:

If you are going to buy a device, you don’t want to worry about replacing that device every 36 months. This is what makes the total cost of ownership such an important metric for hospital grade DVD players. The Traditional DVD player’s lifespan is about 36 months vs. an Industrial DVD Player with a lifespan of 48 years. When you do the math of running a DVD player 24/7/365 days a year you need a product that is reliable and that delivers an extraordinary value proposition.


Whether you’re talking about patient room displays, lobby way finder kiosk or other digital signage displays, it is important to have a reliable supplier who offers a premium warranty.

Let’s face it, Digital Entertainment does not have to be complexand expensive for the purpose it is required to serve. Don’t over engineer it.

Advantages & Benefits – The Deep Dive


People so often ignore posters, flyers and other traditional printed signage. Strengthen your marketing as well as your internal communications, by replacing boring static signage with eye catching digital signage in lobbies, waiting rooms or any place frequented target audience.


Create welcome messaging, and wayfinding screens. Improve the environment with a dynamic experience. Use existing content to create compelling messaging. Use all sorts of media, static images, audio, video, and DVD movies.

Calm Your Patients-

Create soothing environments with tranquil messaging, a fish tank video, or capture nature pictures to display in treatment and infusion rooms. Allow and encourage patients to bring DVD’s to include picture files of family, preferred DVD movies, and positive memories to insure a peaceful environment.

Inform your Patients–

Welcome patients with news. Share local events, health seminars. Engage visitors with a motion sensor that interacts with the DVD content. This is a sure way to educate and impress.

Interact with your Patients-

Integrate with existing pillow speakers in patient rooms, pediatric wards, maternity wards, and treatment infusion rooms.

The number of digital signage screens expected to be in use in 2015 exceeds 7million – up from 2 million in 2010. Source: Northern Sky Resources, 2010 Global Market for Digital Signage 2nd Edition.

There you have it: All the reasons you might use an Industrial DVD Player for Digital Signage, Digital Enga