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Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages Upgrades Classrooms into Interactive Spaces with ViewSonic’s Smart Podium Solution
Posted on Thursday, February 23, 2023
Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages Upgrades Classrooms into Interactive Spaces with ViewSonic’s Smart Podium Solution

Brea, California (Feb 23, 2023) – Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages, a leading institution for cultivating international language professionals in Taiwan, has implemented ViewSonic's smart podium solution in nearly 100 classrooms, thereby transforming almost 80 percent of its traditional classrooms into modern ones. The solution is compatible with existing projectors in the classroom, allowing teachers to accurately present the actual brushstrokes of handwriting in a more intuitive way. Along with the myViewBoard software suite, teachers can enrich course content and enhances interactivity between the faculty and the students. To learn more about the application of the smart podium solution, please visit:

"Wenzao is dedicated to providing a high-quality teaching and learning environment. In response to current teaching trends, the university moved towards an interactive teaching model," said Professor Margaret Mei-Hua Chen, Former President of Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages. "With ViewSonic's smart podium solution, we can leverage our existing equipment and upgrade to modern classrooms. The simple and easy-to-operate smart podiums allow teachers and students to easily immerse themselves in interactive classes, accelerating Wenzao's implementation of digital teaching as well as leveraging the teaching quality."

"ViewSonic continues to lead the education industry by promoting innovation and developing more products in the educational technology field," said George Lee, General Manager of Pen Display and Authentication Business Unit at ViewSonic. "As part of our collaboration with Wenzao, we spoke extensively with all stakeholders to understand the challenges and needs of the university. Based on these conversations, we created a solution that integrated software and hardware, while also providing customized services for the university to bolster its digital transformation."

Optimization with intuitive, interactive, and ergonomic controls

The smart podiums, featuring the ID2456 24-inch handwriting touch display, allow teachers to intuitively control the screen, easily open files and drag items using their fingers. Teachers can also use an active pen to write as they normally would. The active pen supports 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity, thus accurately displaying handwriting and font size on the display.

"My classes teach students reading and listening skills. The traditional method of teaching was by using a chalkboard. Now, with the active pen, I can write freely and explain clearly, allowing students to capture the main ideas faster and enhancing learning efficiency." said Vicky Pan, Lecturer from the Center for English Language Teaching.

The ID2456's 4K HDMI output port can be connected to the original projector, presenting high-quality images. With the myViewBoard software suite, teachers can better interact with students, such as digital whiteboards and instant group discussions. "Now, all teaching materials, such as presentations, pictures, and videos, can be directly imported into myViewBoard, making course preparations easier. Additionally, with the wide range of teaching tools, it is easier for students to keep up with the content, especially in translation courses." said Agnès Roussel Shih, Professor from the Department of French.

In the past, the computer screen in the classroom was placed on a desk. Teachers had to bend over, creating discomfort when teaching for longer periods. The custom-designed hinge stand that ViewSonic created especially for Wenzao offers 15- to 70-degree inclination, allowing teachers to quickly move the 24-inch touch monitor according to their height and teaching needs. This improvement in ergonomics reduces fatigue and increases flexibility when using the ID2456.

About Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages

Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages is the only language university in Taiwan. It was founded in 1966 by the Ursulines of the Roman Union of the Order of St. Ursula. With the educational visions of "respect for oneself, acceptance of diversity, encouragement of potential growth, and service for the living", Wenzao aims to nurture and cultivate professional talents with exceptional language abilities through a holistic approach. In order to realize these educational visions, students and staff within the campus are encouraged to contribute their services to society with the core motto of 3L (Life, Language, Leadership) and the spirit of "Revere the Divine, Love the Human" as the principle of its holistic education and training.