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ViewSonic Ranks No.1 in the Global Interactive Display Market, Hitting 8 Million Subscribers for myViewBoard Platform
Posted on Wednesday, February 22, 2023
ViewSonic Ranks No.1 in the Global Interactive Display Market, Hitting 8 Million Subscribers for myViewBoard Platform

Brea, California (February 22, 2023) – ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solutions, has started 2023 off with major accomplishments in the education industry. The company ranked No.1 in the global interactive display market in Q4 of 2022, according to FutureSource, a market research firm[1]. The beginning of 2023 also saw ViewSonic exceeding 8 million users in its myViewBoard software suite. At the same time, the company was reckoned as a finalist at the 2023 BETT award for "Company of the Year" for cultivating teachers, enriching digital learning content, and developing innovative education technology (EdTech) solutions.

"We're incredibly pleased to maintain our position as the world's leader in the education industry, especially given the competitive nature of this category," said Clifford Chen, General Manager of the Presentation Group at ViewSonic. “ViewSonic has committed to be a company that provides comprehensive solutions. By simplifying technological integration and empowering teachers with the ability to teach digitally, we can accelerate the digital transformation with all stakeholders in the education ecosystems.”

To respond to the fast-changing environment and needs of educators, ViewSonic developed ViewBoard interactive displays and myViewBoard software suite to provide various digital teaching tools, demonstrating the company's broad-spectrum solutions based on open ecosystems and compatibility for both huddles and large groups. Moreover, educators can reach a huge collection of ready-made digital content for lessons from ViewSonic Originals. This “one-stop solution” equips teachers with collaborative capabilities, intuitive interfaces, digital teaching tools, and a great diversity of interactive materials. Educators can embrace digital teaching whether it's in-class, hybrid, or remote scenarios.

This integrated approach is what sets ViewSonic up for its ongoing success in the field. With rapid growth, the company ranked No.1 in the global interactive display market in Q4 of 2022, capturing nearly one-fifth of the category's global market share. In the meantime, myViewBoard is continuously evolving, with an ecosystem that's becoming ever more open and flexible, bringing the platform's total user base to over 8 million at the beginning of 2023.

To get to the final round of the BETT awards for "Company of the Year", not only did ViewSonic demonstrate strong cutting-edge EdTech solutions, but the company also implemented the Ecosystem as a Service (EaaS) strategy. The strategy goes beyond just offering hardware, software, and digital content produced by ViewSonic, but it also involves stakeholders, partners, and the users to create new and innovative services. The company has partnered with governments, schools, and educational institutes, to develop cross-curricular digital interactive teaching materials and accommodate the teacher-centered digital transformation.

Another contributing factor to entering the finalist round can be seen in ViewSonic's major new innovative initiatives in the last two years. For instance, the company introduced UNIVERSE by ViewSonic in 2022, a virtual campus for online learning, which offers a 3D interactive platform that creates an immersive educational environment.